Range Rover: Santander to Marrakesh in three minutes

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Feature 16 November 2012

A video background to Autocar's mammoth journey to Morocco in the all-new Range Rover

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2 years 1 week ago

I'm bemused as to why a little video like this would prompt such a strong reaction... actually I'm not really. Some Auto Car commentators are just bizarrely militant in their disapproval of much of what Auto Car put on this site.

Sometimes the comments section on this site makes the users on You Tube look civil, and that's saying something! 

I'm sorry but I really have

2 years 1 week ago

I'm sorry but I really have to question this.  First off, why did you jam this into a two minute video?  Is there any reason whatsoever for doing that?  Is the full review coming?  Secondly, you take the new RANGE ROVER on an epic journey like this and not do one single mile off road?!?  WTF

wow, it is a really nice car!

1 year 20 weeks ago

wow, it is a really nice car! I like it so much! webpage

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