Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Formula 4 racer

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Feature 20 June 2014

Normally the 552bhp Porsche 911 Turbo S is one of the fastest cars around a tight handling course. Today, though, it's up against some stiff competition in the form of a Formula 4 car. Can the Porsche hold off the racer? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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Only £45k?

22 weeks 1 day ago
At that price the formula 4 car looks a heck of a lot cheaper than the Formula Ford Ecoboost that was touted around to show off the ecoboost engine, and a fair bit cheaper than some more focused track stuff like Radicals and Westfields too, never mind the gorgeous BAC mono, sounds like real fun.

it would be interesting to

22 weeks 1 day ago
it would be interesting to see the bac mono / caterham / atom and its ilk go against the formula x cars.


22 weeks 1 day ago
Steve's videos just get worse and even more pointless IMO. Now Chris Harris is a man who know's how to make a good video and he doesn't get out of breathe doing them.

Perhaps if Steve grew a

22 weeks 1 day ago
Perhaps if Steve grew a Moustache, on a wet and windy day.



Yawn 2

22 weeks 1 day ago
A completely pointless comparison. By the way Steve, you might like to learn to pronounce the name of the car correctly, not like some oik from Essex. It's Por-sha, not Porsh. Anyone noticed how he can barely see over the 911 steering wheel?

Bring out the haters...

22 weeks 23 hours ago
Yes the result (in terms of lap time) was a forgone conclusion, but still interesting to highlight performance differences between a road biased supercar and an entry level single seater. No one is holding a gun to your head to watch these, and it's not like Autocar is charging a subscription.


22 weeks 19 hours ago
For someone who is a professional motoring journalist, to mispronounce someone's name is unacceptable. Video was good though.

Ho hum..........

22 weeks 16 hours ago
Twice the weight,three times more bhp,as opposed to better brakes,less weight to stop,flatter cornering etc, i could go on,of course the mighty Porsche stood no chance,maybe it shows how far road cars like this one have come........?

Peter Cavellini.

Just wondering...

22 weeks 10 hours ago
...do people who say 'porsha' also refer to the capital of France as 'Paree'? Even when we know how to say something as it would be said in its home country we often anglicise foreign names. I often say 'Porsh' but I know full well how it is pronounced in Germany. Something to think about, not trying to annoy anyone.

'With paddles which is lovely...'

21 weeks 6 days ago
NO! Paddles are not lovely, they just remove a key skill of driving. Formula 1 cars only have paddles because they are not allowed to have automatic transmissions. Watch racing with a stick. It is better.
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