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Review 7 November 2012

The new 4.4-litre, turbocharged, V8 BMW M6 brings new levels of refinement and usability to BMW's big M coupe. But has it compromised the car's real driver involvement and hardcore enthusiast appeal in the process?

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The M6.

1 year 42 weeks ago

You said it yourself Vicky,a grand tourer,90% of who will buy it,will never ever drive it anywhere near it's potential,£94K?...well, if your looking at one, you must be able to afford one,and lets face it Vicky, most will buy it because it puts a big smile on there face,and that's enough for them.

Peter Cavellini.

Haven't bothered to see the video, but...

1 year 42 weeks ago

let me guess what the reviewer concluded: nicely made, fast and refined GT, but is too heavy/big, steering lacks feel, short on driver involvement and not a patch on Jag XKR-S etc etc.

Was I close?


1 year 42 weeks ago


Watch the video again i think?

Peter Cavellini.

Peter, I did as instructed!

1 year 42 weeks ago

The reviewer also said (or infered) the M6 is a very competent all rounder and no mention of the Jag, but otherwise I'd say I was pretty close.

It's just far too big...

1 year 42 weeks ago

"Doesn't get more exciting than that" - what rubbish!  The reviewer spoke of this being a "Sports car"? No way! She had a worried - almost scared smile, which anyone with any sense would have going too fast around roads like those in a big 2 ton vehicle! She even admitted that the only way to get a good sound out of it is "to be going flat out" having clicked a special button.  Big, posy, motorway cruiser, capable of big speed, yep.... sports car... er, definitely no.

Lack of stamina...

1 year 42 weeks ago

Only got as far as "proper lavish".

If I knew what I was getting into, I wouldn't have done it...and I would have been wrong.

Every M Car review is the same.

1 year 41 weeks ago

Since the E36 M3, anyway.

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1 year 33 weeks ago

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Just as significantly, the M6

1 year 29 weeks ago

Just as significantly, the M6 is fitted with sticky, premium rubber in place of the stiff-walled run-flat tyres that are responsible for ruining the ride quality of so many BMWs. Smile Smile

it is a huge engine in my

1 year 7 weeks ago

it is a huge engine in my opinion! Anyway, it is a super car! I like it! yachtcharter

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