Hero cars: Porsche Carrera GT

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Feature 2 November 2012

As a new era of ultra high-tech supercars arrive in the shape of the McLaren P1, Ferrari F70, and even the hybrid Porsche 918 that will be this car's spiritual successor, we take the opportunity to revisit the iconic Porsche Carrera GT.

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1 year 51 weeks ago

Vicky, I've been a bit critical of your presenting style in the past, this video though was great. You appear far more relaxed than you once were and more comfortable with the medium and your enthusiasm is infectious not annoying. Please don't turn into VBH.




Just perfect!

1 year 51 weeks ago

Good review Vicky. Oh to win the lottery! Now this IS a sports car, and a beautiful one at that, unlike that big "Company Director's motorway rep-mobile".... known as the M6, which Vicky, you ridiculously described as a "sports car". Heresy!

best yet

1 year 51 weeks ago

The best supercar yet made in my view, makes the Bugatti seem incredibly boring even though it is incredibly fast.

Expect prices to almost double in the next 3 years.



1 year 50 weeks ago

Just typed an essay but the website crashed. Another reason why I'm rapidly losing patience with Autocar.


its Porsh-er!!! Not Porsh! Arghhhh do your homework!


Also, M6 video was below par. Journalist didn't seem to know what or who the car is aimed at and she totally missed the point.


As I said some amateur mistakes creeping in recently.

Best review yet.

1 year 49 weeks ago

Nice to see someone enjoy a car that much.

It probably feels like it fits in the 21st century, because it was actually build in the 21st century.

Hero cars - Porsche Carrera GT

1 year 49 weeks ago

VP answers your question in her very opening sentence: revisiting hero cars.  The CGT is a hero car for most petrolheads, yours truly included.  

@mattyhall - your comment

1 year 49 weeks ago

@mattyhall - your comment 'its Porsh-er!!! Not Porsh! Arghhhh do your homework' is frankly bollocks. I bet you pronounce Volkswagen 'wagon' rather 'vaagen'. But when it's Porsche you get all precious and demand people say the 'er' on the end. Different countries pronounce words differently sometimes. It's not compulsory to all say it the same.

This is one awesome Porsche.

1 year 38 weeks ago

This is one awesome Porsche. Smile I talked to salesman a while back and he said a customer had burned up the clutch in the Carrera GT and the replacement clutch costed him over 30 grand. Smile

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