Feature21 December 2012

The much-maligned Jaguar XJ220 is 20 years old, and has lost none of its appeal. Andrew Frankel, who road tested the car when it was first launched, takes a look back at one of Jaguar's finest moments.

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3 January 2013

Any car designed and engineered by Tom Wilkinshaw had to be good. One of my favorite supercars and one of the reasons why I wanted to be a car designer. Sure it wasn't perfect (too long and wide) but what car is? Sure it had a V6, but a Porsche 959 was a flat 6.  Sure it had Ford switches but at least it was more kitted out then a F40 (which was sparse to say the least).  Sure it sounded like a Volvo but at least it did not have any artificial exhaust noise enhancers or actuators or whatever you call them, that are fitted in modern supercars today. Sure it was crude, but there had been cruder supercars over the years which are much loved and sure it did not dliever the promised top speed of 220mph (WTF??? are people serious? It's like being married to a lingerie model and complaining that she isn't a supermodel) but 213mph isn't slow.  All this without any driver aids.

4 January 2013

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5 January 2013

Same peice of film of car going round corner over and over?

7 January 2013

I think this Jag still makes to my 10 car garage! Smile

Something that I haven't noticed 20 years ago but now I do; the over exposed wind screen wipers. Sad

11 January 2013

Can't believe this car is over 20 years old! As someone else said it makes me feel very old too. I remember seeing the videos, road tests and pics of this car and thinking wow. I always had a soft spot for the F40, but the XJ220 was just so much more dramatic. I saw it at it's launch at the 1992 motor show and I have never ever seen as many people crowded round one car then or since. Ok so it looked a bit ragged in the video - perhaps silver wasn't the best colour the dark metallics make it look better and the interior is a ford parts bin, also why does it not have the original wheels - they were gorgeous, those aftermarkets look ok, in fact they look like the ones Martin Brundle had on the version taken to Nardo at 217.4mph if I remember correctly. I also remember on both Top Gear and a Jeremy Clarkson video it taking a Pagani Zonda S (7.3) to town in a drag race, the power delivery was ridiculous as Andrew says how many cars could get 0-60 in 3.6secs - not many at all. Only one criticism he says the F40 was the only other car to nudge past 200, was the 1990 Lamborghini Diablo not conveniently able to hit 202? The XJ220 is a fantastic car which will always have a place in my heart. Sadly I've resided myself to only been able to drive one on a computer game, but at least then it can be tuned to make a better sound

Not a sheep following the herd when it comes to car choices

13 January 2013

I would have one in a flash. Absolutely amazing car that is so undervalued it is almost criminal. 

6 February 2013

From what I remember they were early 90s! Smile They were at one point the worlds fastest cars! the F40 did 201 and the Diablo was faster! Smile


19 June 2013

It looks big in pictures, but when you stand next to it, its ridiculously large

7 May 2014

During Nardo Tests the XJ220 hit 217mph with the Cats removed from the exhausts. The Tyre engineers explained approx 6 mph is lost due to tyre scrub hence 223 on the straight. However Don Law Racing can probably turn the wick up on the turbos to make it even faster. There are 7 TWR XJ220s versions out there that are good for 230 but never seen one figured on the track.

Your not going to bump into too many motors that will blow this away.


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