Hero cars: Jaguar XJ220

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Feature 27 December 2012

The much-maligned Jaguar XJ220 is 20 years old, and has lost none of its appeal. Andrew Frankel, who road tested the car when it was first launched, takes a look back at one of Jaguar's finest moments.

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Could be............IF?

1 year 47 weeks ago

Like Jaguars current supercar project which was cancelled,the 220 promised so much,but in the end was only 50% delivered,a case of then,lots of potential,but,not enough cash to finish the job,sign of the times?......yes, i think so.

Peter Cavellini.

Has the test car had a bump?

1 year 47 weeks ago

Has the test car had a bump? Bonnet doesnt seem to fit too well and in one picture only one pop-up headlight is working.

Rear Lights

1 year 47 weeks ago

If I remember rightly, didn't the rear lights for the XJ220 come from the humble Rover 400 (R8) version?

Used models are still exclusively priced! Would love one.



1 year 47 weeks ago

I seem to remember that Jaguar were considering a turbo charged 6 litre V12 four wheel drive version of the 220.

not just the lights!

1 year 47 weeks ago

If you freeze frame the dash shot,you'll recognize lots of Ford parts too!!

Peter Cavellini.


1 year 47 weeks ago

At nearly 5 metres long, 2 metres wide and with such poor visibility (as per many supercars), it must be a daunting drive on Britain's roads.

Has anybody ever tried to put

1 year 47 weeks ago

Has anybody ever tried to put a V12 into the back of one of these ? There must be room as it was original designed to use one.

Still a good looking supercar in my view.


Too expensive

1 year 47 weeks ago

This basically failed due to being too expensive.  I seem to remember Tom Hartley bought one at an auction for about £200000 -£250000 shortly after launch which pretty much set the benchmark price.  £403000 was way too much for a relatively crude super car.  Also the 220 name promised 220 mph and it didn't deliver that.  


It's good to see Autocar

1 year 47 weeks ago

It's good to see Autocar wheeling out 20 year old supercars for a blast - but makes me feel old too!


Victim of 90's journalist negative mass hysteria

1 year 46 weeks ago

Any car designed and engineered by Tom Wilkinshaw had to be good. One of my favorite supercars and one of the reasons why I wanted to be a car designer. Sure it wasn't perfect (too long and wide) but what car is? Sure it had a V6, but a Porsche 959 was a flat 6.  Sure it had Ford switches but at least it was more kitted out then a F40 (which was sparse to say the least).  Sure it sounded like a Volvo but at least it did not have any artificial exhaust noise enhancers or actuators or whatever you call them, that are fitted in modern supercars today. Sure it was crude, but there had been cruder supercars over the years which are much loved and sure it did not dliever the promised top speed of 220mph (WTF??? are people serious? It's like being married to a lingerie model and complaining that she isn't a supermodel) but 213mph isn't slow.  All this without any driver aids.

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