Ferrari vs Jaguar: which sounds best?

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Feature 15 October 2012

Both the Ferrari 458 Spider and the Jaguar XKR-S Convertible get V8 motors and arguably the most sonorous exhaust notes out there. Steve Sutcliffe gets out the noise-meter and visits a tunnel to decide which sounds best.

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Sound great

2 years 5 weeks ago

A good example of how different V8's can sound with a little sound engineering - still, unless my monitor speakers are broken I'd guess these sound 10x better in real life.

I've been in the coupe versions of both and they were both amazing, so the convertibles must be a whole new level.

How will electric cars compete with that?

Ecstasy in the tunnel.

2 years 5 weeks ago

Ecstasy in the tunnel.

But why no Aston Martin V8,

2 years 5 weeks ago

But why no Aston Martin V8, which to me sounds better than both of them..

Stupid grin on my face whilst in the office

2 years 5 weeks ago

Those two cars sound absolutely glorious and as Orangewheels stated, interesting how they sound different from one another.  That crackle the Jag makes when revving the engine...superb!  Not too sure if anyone would play the stereos in these cars with those sound tracks

Engine note

2 years 5 weeks ago

The big difference in the engine note comes from the crankshaft: the Jag has a traditional V8 crank angle of 90º giving it a deeper, more traditional V8 burble, typical of American muscle cars, whereas Ferrari uses a flat-plane (180º) crank, typical of high-reving racing engines. It essentially sounds like a high-strung I-4 "in stereo", so a higher pitch.

Both quite different and yet both marvelous.

Decibel end

2 years 5 weeks ago

They both sound fantastic and it's nice to have vid about the lovely noises cars make.  I can vaguely remember an issue of a car magazine which had a free tape full of car sounds back in the 80's. 

The Lexus LFA must be fairly high up the 'noisy' list, it sounds phenomenal

dB and power levels

2 years 5 weeks ago

3db = 2 x power, so 103dB needs twice the power of 100dB

10dB = 10 x power

spanner in yer cyliner head

2 years 5 weeks ago

Right, I'm going to throw a spanner in the works here. Yes the Ferrari sounds good but because of it's flat plane crank configuration, and, the way its exhaust's been tuned; it just sounds like a high performance inline-4 from the inside and has a droning blare from the outside which isn't that appealing. And definitely not for a £200k car. A standard F355 wail sounds infinitely better because the exhaust was better tuned for a lush sound (listen to a 458 and F355 exhaust clip on YouTube back to back).

The Jag sounds OK but all stock XK exhausts, and Aston Martin V8s for that matter, have a horrible rattly rasp like the baffles have separated from the silencer which, to me, makes them sound like they're broken.  Want a flipping gorgeous cross plane crank V8 noise?  Listen to a V8 M3 and/or Audi R8 V8 on YouTube then listen to an XKR again and you'll hear what I mean...

This isn't a criticism of the the 458 or XKR-S as cars, I think the 458 is gorgeous and they're both really high quality pieces of kit judging by all the reviews; I just don't agree that they sound anywhere near as good as Steve says they do in this vid clip....


2 years 5 weeks ago

They are both incredible, though I do prefer the Ferrari. I'd love to see how the AMG 6.2 would have stacked up against the Jag, though. 

They both sound devine but

2 years 5 weeks ago

They both sound devine but the Jag just edges the Ferrari for me. If I had either of these two cars i'd just drive back and forth through a tunnel all day.

Driving a Picasso empties your wallet.

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