Lotus reviews

  • Lotus V6 Cup

    Lotus Exige V6 Cup

    Track-focused Exige distils the Lotus magic into an even more concentrated hit

  • Lotus Elise

    The Lotus Elise gets a Toyota-sourced 1.6 in a bid to tune mph/mpg mix

    From £27,5008
  • Lotus Exige S

    Lotus Exige S

    Hethel goes back to basics with the hardcore Lotus Exige S track car

    From £52,9009
  • Lotus Evora

    Lotus moves upmarket with a 2+2 GT, but is the Lotus Evora an everyday car?

    From £51,5508
  • Lotus Evora S

    The Lotus Evora S rides and handles in a way that puts nearly everything else in its shade. Shame the interior doesn't match the price tag

    From £60,5508