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Toyota's range-topping diesel Auris lacks the usual hot hatchback trappings, but is still a useful all-rounder

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The Toyota Auris is a spacious, but unspectacular attempt at a high quality Golf rival. Only the availability of a hybrid lifts it from obscurity

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10 June 2009

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There isn’t much that’s truly revolutionary about Toyota’s impressive new Focus-chaser, the Auris. Despite the fact that they’ve ditched the biggest-selling name in car history — Corolla — to emphasise the car’s importance and new sense of purpose, Toyota has concentrated on bringing its traditions of quality and functionality to a new but fundamentally conventional design rather than re-inventing the wheel. However, one thing about the Auris sticks out like a sore thumb...Read the full article

[/quote] I purchased a T180 in February 2008 for £14.5K with 3K miles on the clock and find it a great car for any journeys, it certainly is a rapid cruiser with grunt in any gear above 2nd. It's not a hot hatch for boy racers to claim they can improve on the 8.2 secs from 0 to 60.

Third to sixth are the best gears once on the move and averaging a mile a minute without breaking limits on longer journeys is easily achieved. Recently did Penzance to home 451 miles in just under 7 hours was effortless, most of it in 6th gear and averaging 41 mpg. OK so we were doing not more that a shade over 80 at worst, well my Son was and he drove the whole way. The easy useable pleasurable grunt more than makes up for the poor quality of plastic finishes.

It's a full 5 seater with a flat floor in the rear and having taken off the Auris T180 badges on the rear, it certainly is a woolf in sheep's clothing when on the move and it does not stand out in the crowd. It is not seen as a flash motor and likely to damage from vandals who may target some types of vehicles.

Would I like the Mazda 3 Sport with the bigger diesel engine anymore than I love my T180?

12 June 2009

41 MPG at 80 MPH is not a particularly good figure for that size of car. Especially if that is the speedometer reading as most Toyota speedo's over read by at least 8 MPG at those speeds. It is however a better MPG figure than the two people I know who also have cars with Toyota's 2.2 D4D 'T180' engine (in a Verso and early Lexus 220D). The jump to 180 from the more standard 136 (or so) seems to knock off at least 10 MPG.

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