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Has Toyota made this revised Auris interesting to drive?

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The Toyota Auris is a spacious, but unspectacular attempt at a high quality Golf rival. Only the availability of a hybrid lifts it from obscurity

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22 February 2010

It still looks a mess.

22 February 2010

This one looks better.

22 February 2010


22 February 2010

[quote Autocar]It also says the power steering has also been revised and refined to deliver better feedback[/quote]

Does it keep saying, "Your driving style is almost as boring as I am" ?

Where has all Japanese design went to?

23 February 2010

Our family has been Toyota user eversince. We do have second hand Toyota Corolla car and it's been around for almost 20 years now. The car featured here looks fine to me.

23 February 2010

It's no more boring than any comparable car. Golf, Focus, Megane or whatever, pretty much any typical modern mass produced car is dull to drive and characterless. Not sure why Toyota get singled out for it.

23 February 2010

boring ugly and brakes are an option (sorry,couldnt resist)

23 February 2010

I think the car looks all right. It is no doubt a good car in many respects. Maybe a little underpowered.

Now those who always complain that Toyotas are boring are confounded - how can it be boring with the excitement of the will they/won't they work brakes?

23 February 2010

Toyota make excellent cars. I have had all makes of cars over the years, and Toyota have always been the best. I currently own a 2002 Porsche 996 and a 1989 MR2. Every time i take the Porsche out i am worried about something breaking, not so the MR2 loads of fun and totally dependable , not like the 996. This anti Toyota thing is being driven by the yanks to bolster there own sales. Who owns the american car companys?

24 February 2010

I'm not going to jump on the Toyota brake/accelerator pedal fiasco bandwagon, but I will say that I had the previous Auris for 2 weeks as a hire-car when mine was being repaired. It was a 2.0 Diesel. It was competent, comfortable, roomy and well equipped. It was also completely soulless, dull beyond comprehension, had the most stupidly designed interior (what is that odd gear-lever position all about?), fussy instruments, and I kept losing it in the office car-park. I was so pleased to get my 8 yr old car back - if this car represents the modern face of motoring, I'd rather live in the past! Sorry Toyota, no matter how good your reliability ratings are, there's absolutely no way you'll ever entice me into your show-rooms (I also had a Yaris hire car once, and wanted to slit my wrists after a week of 'driving' that!).

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