Off-beat family hatch is missing substance to back up its good looks

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8 December 2008

I was at my local Mitsubishi dealer over the weekend and had a prod round one of these. The one thing that struck me was the physical size of the thing. Other than that it is quite attractive and seems to be well screwed together, if not a little cheap in appearance.

Now, if they did a decently suspended, warm (circa 220bhp, so not Evo hot) version this could be quite a seller.



It's all about the twisties........

9 December 2008

The mitsu dealership has been passed around my local town like a hot potato over the past couple of years and right now we dont have one.

My money is on Mitsubishi being the first Japanese "collapse". Average cars, average value,poor customer service.... looks will not save them...sadly

9 December 2008

It's got bigger overhangs than Dolly Parton wearing a bussle!

Where has all Japanese design went to?

9 December 2008

[quote Matt Rigby]

In which case you might like the Ralliart Lancer Sportback...


And from the article....

"This is not entirely surprising, especially as the car is four-wheel drive, a layout that tends to provoke understeer, and the net result is a car that does not have the balance of the best of its two-wheel drive rivals.

In faster bends the understeer is less apparent, but it’s there nonetheless, along with squealing tyres. The role of the active yaw control in the Evo becomes very obvious when you drive this car.

Fixing the understeer should not be the only job on Mitsubishi’s to-do list for the Ralliart. The brakes lack convincing initial clamping power, the engine’s power delivery seems woolly – and it’s peaky too. Most of the urge emerges at the upper end of the rev range."

As I originally said, a decently suspended. Your review suggest it is far from it!



It's all about the twisties........

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