The Icona Vulcano hybrid supercar could go into limited production, Autocar can reveal.

Speaking at the car's European debut at Salon Privé in London today, design director Samuel Chuffart said the company is working with investors to offer the concept as a production model to customers.

Until now, it was believed that the Vulcano was a one-off design study.

"We are planning to have the first complete car ready one year from now," said Chuffart " and we are currently working with several people to tailor that car for the customer"

"We can't wait to see the first customers, we are discussing this right now and hopefully the early customers will come. With that will come the possibility of developing more engine combinations."

The Vulcano uses a 790bhp V12 engine in combination with a 160bhp electric motor to give a combined power output of 950bhp. A six-speed manual transmission is located at the rear, keeping weight distribution even. In this configuration the Vulcano can run for up to ten miles on electric power alone.

However, the company is also exploring offering different engine combinations to customers, including an 870bhp twin-turbo V6 hybrid and a 750bhp V8.

Engineers on the project are favouring the V6 hybrid option, says Chuffart, because of the possibility of offering electric four-wheel drive.

However, Chuffart is adamant that any production run of the Vulcano will be strictly limited "We don't intend to compete at all with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini who are mass producing cars, because most of our work is in show cars and next generation cars. This is what we do. We will not try to compete with the large manufacturers - these cars are here to show our ideas."

Official pricing for the car has yet to be revealed, but Chuffart believes it would be in the region of £2.5 million for the V12 model.

The company is also preparing at least one other Vulcano, this time in V8 specification, for an American race series.

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