Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern has confirmed the firm will expand into new market segments. The comments increase speculation models including the ‘Evoque XL’, a DC100-inspired entry-level Land Rover and seven-seat Range Rover Sport will make production.

Speaking at an event marking 25 years of Land Rover sales in North America, McGovern said: “Land Rover will give much greater relevance to far more people in the future. Look at the Evoque as an example; no-one had ever offered anything like that before.”

On the eve of the New York motor show, McGovern said all future Land Rover products would blend innovative design with intelligent engineering, and there was a desire within the company to make increasingly luxurious products.

“Design will be at the core of our future products,” he said, “with perfect integration of design and engineering teams. We’ll create true luxury products in the future.”

The special event to celebrate the 25th anniversary was held in New York, a city McGovern said was “perfect” for experiencing the luxury attributes of Range Rover products.

“New York understands luxury,” he said. “You feel cocooned in a Range Rover in New York and feel elevated amongst the skyline.”

Mark Tisshaw

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