New pictures show the first of ATS's planned new road cars. The company is also proposing to bring back the De Tomaso name next year
3 April 2014

The first of two new road cars planned by ATS has been revealed. The firm, a famous 1960s Italian car maker and former Formula 1 entrant, has released new pictures of its updated ATS Sport model.

The ATS Sport is a two-seat road car with a track focus, and costs from €33,000 without an engine while a race-ready version costs from €48,850 (about £39,671).  It can be powered by a choice of an Extreme Engines Hayabusa units or a turbocharged 1.6-litre GM powerplant, offering around 252bhp. A top-spec version can hit 62mph in 2.5 seconds with a top speed in excess of 155mph. The car has a dry weight of 470kg, and comes with a six-speed sequential transmission.

Optional extras on the car include a full carbon fibre body, a racing-spec fuel tank, Xenon headlights, a data logging kit, paddle shifters, forged wheels, larger brakes and performance dampers.

The other of the firm's planned road cars, the Leggera, will weigh 650kg dry and be powered by a 1.6-litre turbo GM engine with 210-300bhp. Prices will range from £45,000 to £60,000. Both cars will use a stainless steel frame with an epoxy resin body. 

ATS was formed in 1963 by ex-Ferrari personnel. Its debut model was the ATS 2500 GT sports car and lasted until 1965 when the firm disappeared from racing. ATS management is currently seeking to appoint dealers.

It is also understood that ATS owns the rights to the De Tomaso name and that it is working towards a relaunch of the brand later next year. ATS secured the rights in November last year, with reports suggesting the company could use its ATS 2500 GT supercar as the basis for a new Pantera.

Additional reporting by Darren Moss, 9 June 2014

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Radical RXC
The RXC is about as close to a Le Mans car for the road as it is possible to get

The Radical RXC offers one of the most extreme driving experiences available on public roads

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3 April 2014
What could possibly go wrong?

3 April 2014
DeTomaso, the historic Argentinian car brand....

3 April 2014
Ali_ wrote:
DeTomaso, the historic Argentinian car brand....
De Tomaso was Argentine born, but the car building company was established in Italy. In a similar fashion to Pagani (Horacio also being Argentinian)



3 April 2014
They'll be reviving old Formula One team names next As JR says, what could possibly go wrong?

3 April 2014
I'm with JR and RH on this one. When I hear De Tomaso I think oil crisis and worldwide recession. I'm sure it'll all be fine this time round...

10 June 2014
The styling must be very beautiful with handling and performance to match the best in the..I would say middle supercar class..458 Italia, Huracan, Porsche Turbo , 650S etc..

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