Limited production run of 50 units announced following appearance on Dragons' Den

Peel Engineering is making a comeback 45 years after its last car rolled off the production line.

The company, credited with making the smallest car ever to go into production, is now owned by two entrepreneurs who went on BBC programme Dragon’s Den with the idea of reviving the brand's P50 and Trident models. Their pitch impressed dragon James Caan who invested £80,000 in return for a third of the company and one of each car.

Gary Hillman and Faizal Khan are now planning a limited production run of 50 cars based on the original P50 and bubble-roofed Trident designs, but with an electric motor.

Only 50 were actually ever made of the original Manx-built three-wheelers, which measured a tiny 1.3m long by 1m wide. They were originally budget cars selling for £199 in 1962, but the new cars will retail at £12,499.

The company is also planning to generate extra income by selling a range of products capitalising on the brand name. “Plenty of people will want to own a piece of history,” said Caan. "The brand is ideally placed to expand into a larger product range.”

Alan Riddoch

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27 August 2010

How will they beat all the regs for crash tests? Personally reckon a modern engine from a Smart would be a better bet, or the new Fiat twin pot.

27 August 2010

[quote Mr£4worth]How will they beat all the regs for crash tests? [/quote]

If a car is light enough it qualifies as a "quadricycle", & doesnt have to pass the tests. Thats how they get away with selling those deathtrap G-Wiz things.

currently a happy owner of a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin :)

27 August 2010

[quote roverfan1984]If a car is light enough it qualifies as a "quadricycle", [/quote] Technically, as its only got three wheels, isnt it a tricycle? I guess you can drive it on a motorcycle license and wont need to meet any crash test regs anyway.

But seriously, who wants one? especially for 12 grand?

27 August 2010

[quote fhp11] But seriously, who wants one? especially for 12 grand?[/quote] stick a hayabusa engine in and I'm game!

Here's to the crazy ones......

27 August 2010

It's a novelty product, people with money will buy them for a bit of fun, maybe for tootling around their estate in.

27 August 2010

It'll be a disaster. Sinclair C5 anyone?



27 August 2010

over £12,000 for a 50 year old car that is so small that you could have a dump and double the power to weight ratio, I expect the limited production run will mean that once any novelty value ends so will interest in the "car".

27 August 2010

[quote humphrey the pug] people with money will buy them for a bit of fun, maybe for tootling around their estate in.[/quote]

"People with money" buy a Range-Rover Sport for tootling around their estate.They might buy a Peel for tootling around the house though.

27 August 2010

[quote fhp11]But seriously, who wants one? [/quote]

London scooter riders will want them for the winter.

[quote fhp11]especially for 12 grand?[/quote]

Sorry. Wealthy scooter riders will want them for the winter.

27 August 2010

[quote Leslie Brook]It'll be a disaster. Sinclair C5 anyone?[/quote]But the original Peel was launched way before the Sinclair C5. The P50 will be bought based on the fact it appeared quite famously on Top Gear, and of course Dragon's Den. Yes, expensive, but then the Mini is expensive. This will be bought, as another poster has said, by people who want something to mess about in - it's not going to be bought as a main car for going to the shops etc... maybe just for show, or low-speed driving or something. It's just a bit of fun!

"The creative adult is the child who survived."


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