Aston Martin’s One-77 supercar will be the firm’s fastest ever production car having been clocked at more than 220mph in testing.

The 7.3-litre V12-powered Aston Martin One-77 has been undergoing intensive development at a southern European proving ground ahead of the first deliveries of the car to customers in the summer. Aston has also released the first pictures of the One-77 in action.

The record for fastest road-going Aston is currently held by the Vanquish, which had a top speed of slightly over 200mph. The £1.2 million One-77 has recorded 220.007mph in dry yet windy conditions and Aston expects it to be able to go even faster in improved conditions.

Just 77 examples of the two-seater One-77 will be sold, with buyers required to make a £200,000 deposit to secure one. Features include a carbonfibre monocoque chassis and active aerodynamics.

Aston describes the car as being the ultimate expression of what it stands for, combing modern technology, craftsmanship and exclusivity. Next year will be a busy one for Aston with new products going on sale in market areas it hasn’t competed in before, including the four-door Rapide, the Toyota iQ-based Cygnet and the One-77 itself.