R&D boss Thomas Weber says the next GLK will offer right-hand drive

The next-generation Mercedes GLK SUV will be available in right-hand drive, according to Mercedes R&D boss Thomas Weber.

The current model is only built as a left-hooker, due to the difficulties involved in fitting the right-hand drive steering mechanism around the propshafts taking drive to the front wheels.

However, Mercedes has said it was a mistake not to make the vehicle for RHD markets, and it will develop all of its next-gen 4x4s for conversion.

That means the four-wheel-drive C and E-class models will also be sold in the UK.

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7 January 2010

Does this also include the S-Class 4-matics ? Would hope so.

7 January 2010

I don't think anybody in the Uk is really bothered its not available here as its an absolute shocker to look at

7 January 2010

Be careful on passing judgement on the styling before you've seen it in the flesh, according to most reports the styling actually seems to work quite well but doesn't seem to fit well with camera pictures... Mind you, looking at the styling of the BMW X1/X3 and the Audi Q5 it really doesn't need looks to sell, it only needs a diesel motor and a premium badge! I think MB is simply admitting it huge mistake on their part: all their 4x4 vehicles have been developed primarily with European and American interests, i.e. sporty yet safe handling and snow driving. Took them quite long to realise how many sales they are missing out on in the (RHD) Southern hemisphere and UK, where small(er) 4x4 vehicles are purchased for image and recreational purposes. Quite frankly, with M-class a global success story for MB I cannot understand how MB managed to produce a small-'ish' 4x4 vehicle that is not available in RHD! H.

7 January 2010

i cant understand the constant slating of the looks of this car. it looks great in the metal and is designed as i would want a family SUV to be.

7 January 2010

I'm amazed that any major manufacturer can design and build a platform which is not capable of accepting both LHD and RHD configurations. Especially for a car such as this, which would score plenty of sales in the UK as well as Australia, Japan, South Africa, etc. which are all RHD.

7 January 2010

I am surprised they dont offer them here in rear drive only form. It would have lower emissions, and still looks like a 4x4. Afterall most people who buy this sort of thing only want the looks, the hight, and the badge and it would have all that at a lower cost.

But it is still a good thing if future Mercs are available as 4X4s. Does seem daft not to engineer your cars for the whole world if you can.

8 January 2010

no one will buy it anyway as sucessful as the r class viano and vaneo :P

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