Mitsubishi turns to diesel-electric technology to keep its Evolution bloodline going

Mitsubishi is planning a radical overhaul of its Lancer Evolution by changing the next incarnation into a diesel hybrid. The switch of drivetrain is designed to save the Evo from tightening economy and emissions regs while preserving its trademark mid-range shove.

Mitsubishi is said to have given serious consideration to axing the Evo model altogether. As recently as a month ago, sources in Japan said an earlier project — to switch the car to a petrol hybrid powertrain and base it on the PX-MiEV SUV concept’s platform — was dead.

But now the firm’s R&D department has been given approval to push the car in a different direction: a diesel hybrid.

Engineers hope that the mix of clean-diesel torque and electric motor assistance will allow the Evo XI to deliver a 0-62mph time of under five seconds, yet cut CO2 emissions to well under 200g/km.

Handling will be entrusted to a revised version of the Evo’s highly rated four-wheel drive system, S-AWC, which integrates steering, braking and traction control.

The switch marks a big gamble for Mitsubishi. Diesel hybrid will, in effect, rule the Evo out of competition use and could limit its appeal in key markets such as the US and Japan, where diesels have yet to gain widespread acceptance.

Peter Lyon

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Mitsubishi Evo X

The Mitsubishi Evo X is an epic supersaloon, but needs a sixth gear. Manual FQ360 the best

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11 June 2010

An Evo Hybrid....almost conceivable in the mixed up world we live in.

An Evo Diesel? Nooooooooooooooo! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

An Evo Hybrid Diesel? Here comes the plague of locusts, the end is nigh!

11 June 2010

What a BAD joke. Too front heavy, bad soundtrack and low revability! Where is the rallying pleasure in this this thing? A proper 1.5 liter with the performance of a 1995 Evo is better!

11 June 2010

Oh oh this is going to spoil a lot of peoples weekend reading this. Cant wait for Beachlands comments he will not be a happy bunny .

If it cant be petrol it would be better to scrap the car altogether or downsize it to something lighter like the 205 T16 . Remember that (might not have the designation correct ) a mid engined 4wd 205 rally special . There was an equally crazy Renault 5? around at the time if memory serves me right too. Oh and what was thet really crazy Metro called 6 R4 or something think it had a 3ltr engine .

11 June 2010

.. that sounds like a joke, what expertise does Mitsu have with diesels? they even borrow the old pump-duse diesel from VW for they Lancer.. even stranger when you consider how good they are with petrol engines (mated with those enormous turbochargers). and to throw all that knowledge in the recycle bin? just for environmental reasons. At least they could do it subaru-way - keeping the petrol alongside for a while..

11 June 2010

Sounds great. If the headline figures are to be believed - what's not to like? I don't really mind if it's powered by earwax as long as its performance is suitably EVO.

11 June 2010

[quote CarDesign]

What a BAD joke. Too front heavy, bad soundtrack and low revability! Where is the rallying pleasure in this this thing? A proper 1.5 liter with the performance of a 1995 Evo is better!

[/quote]Why would it be too nose heavy? smaller capacity diesel engine in front with latest turbo boost technology while the electric motor sits in the back balancing the whole thing out! Simples......and you call yourself 'CarDesign' :-)

I actually like the sound of this far too many people bang on about petrol being the preffered fuel. If diesel had been around first and petrol was now being introduced would we all have the same feeling towards the big fuel debate?

11 June 2010

This is a brave move, if it goes into production at least.

The only problem is that it would effectively rule the car completely out of competition (how many previous gen Evo's were sold just so the owner could feel like they owned a WRC car I wonder?) and at the same time both the US and more importantly Japan have relatively low levels of diesels on their roads

If Mistsubishi want to drop the emissions of the Evo why not mate the 2.0l turbo with a Hybrid motor? Probably sacreligious, but surely better than a Diesel Hybrid? (and it would probably see sales increase as US and Japan would see it as a hybrid like the Prius!

11 June 2010

[quote orandzh].. that sounds like a joke, what expertise does Mitsu have with diesels? they even borrow the old pump-duse diesel from VW for they Lancer..[/quote] They have just developed their own in house 1.8 diesel - first production diesel with variable valve intakes apparently. I think it's 140bhp, but could be more? I'm sure with a bigger turbo, better injectors, an electric motor to help shove along when there's turbo lag you'd have something quite entertaining and fast. Edited to add - here you go:

11 June 2010

It could be brilliant, a bold move from Mitsubishi, real world this will be an amazing car. Extreme pace and handling combined with running costs that are realistic. Hopefully it won't need servicing every 3 miles either. The Evo is off a lot of peoples radar as it is a pain to live with day to day due to its limited range and stringent servicing needs. Cue the stereotypical blah blah...

11 June 2010

unbelievable, I'm in denial until i see one in a dealership.


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