Fiat will “radically evolve” the Fiat 500 family into as many body styles and forms as possible.

But, it won't be at the expense of the car’s core appeal, according to the firm’s head of global design, Lorenzo Ramaciotti.

The Fiat 500 was successfully revived in 2007 and was joined this year by the 500L small MPV and 500 MPW seven seater. Next year they will be joined by the 500X baby crossover.

“We have an opportunity to present a family of cars that can work throughout a person’s life — from a young lady in her 20s through to a family with an active lifestyle and children,” said Ramaciotti. “The 500 has the power to enchant, and we believe we can keep the same cheekiness, cuteness and curviness of that car in many different forms.”

Among the challenges facing Ramaciotti’s team is making the 500 family appeal more to men. 

“It’s true that, to date, the car is more for women,” admitted Ramaciotti, “with the Abarth appealing more to men, but in future we believe we can change that.”

Despite plans to push the 500 brand wider, Ramaciotti said the styling of the base 500 could only ever be evolved.

“Whenever we ask customers,” he said, “they say the shape and style has to stay the same, but that we could update the interior and technology.