Jaguar is seriously considering a hotter ‘S’ version of the Jaguar XFR super saloon. Senior company insiders admit that the 503bhp XFR is “a bit outgunned” by new rivals such as the 552bhp BMW M5 and 549bhp Mercedes E63 AMG, and Jaguar plans to retaliate with the introduction of a faster and more focused range-topping model that will be badged XFR-S.

The ‘R-S’ moniker has already been established on the recently launched Jaguar XKR-S, and sources admit that they are likely to “give the XFR the same treatment.”

No specific details are known, but expect firmer chassis settings, more aggressive styling and exhaust note, plus a power upgrade to bring the output of the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 up to around 550bhp. The car was spied in testing at the Nurburgring last summer.

As the range-topping model, the XFR-S will cost at least £5k more than the standard XF, which is likely to continue to be sold just as the standard XKR is still sold beneath the XKR-S. The premium would put the hottest XF at over £70k – very close in price to its key rivals.