Citroen denies reports claiming it no longer plans to build six units of its radical supercar

Citroen has denied earlier reports claiming it no longer plans to put its radical GT by Citroen supercar into limited production.

The firm had been expected to build six units costing around £1.1million each, but French media claimed Citroen had gone back on these plans after it decided the engineering and development costs required to get the GT by Citroen production ready would not be worth the returns on the car; each unit would be sold for a significant loss.

See the GT by Citroen in action at Goodwood

However, Citroen has now confirmed to Autocar that the GT by Citroen is still "under evaluation" for production and no decision on whether or not it will make production had been taken.

The earlier reports claimed Citroen planned to focus on developing more smaller sporty cars, such as the Citroen DS3 Racing, rather than developing a flagship supercar.

Mike Duff blog: Citroen's supercar stars at Goodwood

The GT by Citroen's powertrain has never been revealed, but it's rumoured to be powered by a V8 producing in excess of 500bhp supplied by either Ford or General Motors. The production car is expected to use a paddle shift manual gearbox.

The GT by Citroen was the star of the Paris motor show in 2008 and was seen in action as recently as last weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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8 July 2010

Wow, what a surprise. Oh well, it got some of the lesser magazines talking and blogging about them for quite a while, so mission accomplished i guess.

8 July 2010

That's too bad, it really is a true supercar unlike the borefest that McLaren has churned out. We need more Citroën GTs and less McLarens.

8 July 2010

Good news, its cancelled, its truly about a new Ami?

8 July 2010

Unlike Lexus with the LFA, Citroen do not have millions to lose. They should concentrate on building desirable cars that we can realistically afford and want to own.

Citroen have dominated WRC for several years but have failed to build upon this success. Maybe their marketing depatment should get their act together before considering a car such as the GT as all it would be is a sqandered exercise.

8 July 2010

More sense than VW with their phony Bugatti. The car is far too flambouyant for production, a pleasant styling exercise, nevertheless.

8 July 2010

[quote Woigookin]That's too bad, it really is a true supercar [/quote]

How exactly? As of right now, it is a barely-functioning styling exercise, just like the Batmobile or any other movie car. There were plenty more interesting styling concepts at Goodwood over the weekend from Alfa Romeo's museum. By no measure whatsoever is it a 'true supercar'.

It is nothing more than a publicity stunt. IF they ever build it, it will be a bare shadow of what was promised, and not much more than a factory-assembled kit car. Have they even started looking at homologation?

8 July 2010

If they do build it - gorgeous-looking car, it brings out Citroen's wacky side, gives them a slice of the 'rare-car' action. And if they don't build it - a shame, but equally it would be a shame to see Citroen making losses, and it could go too far, even with a limited run. It could be another SM story. It'd be good to see them focus on small sporty cars - I think good reception of the DS3 is a sign of Citroen's future...

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

8 July 2010

I dont like the car, and having driven it on simulator its doesnt handle well at all. citroen needs to make something that demonstrates driving appeal.

8 July 2010

The GT has been a (successful) PR project for Citroen - it was a real star at Goodwood last weekend - but I really doubt that PSA has the ability to engineer customer cars to match the hype. Hope they try, though.

It may only be a matter of time before they slash the price, pay your VAT and offer 0% finance on it in this country...

8 July 2010

[quote disco.stu]

[quote Woigookin]That's too bad, it really is a true supercar [/quote]

How exactly?

[/quote] If you truly felt the need to ask that question, there is no point in me explaining it to you.


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