Ferrari officially confirms F150 hypercar powertrain details; KERS tro reduce 0-124mph time by 10 per cent
24 December 2012

The new Ferraro Enzo will be powered by a V12 engine supplemented by an F1-style KERS system, the company has finally confirmed.

In its official company magazine, Ferrari confirmed the car, which is codenamed F150, will be powered by an engine evolved from the 730bhp 6.3-litre V12 that powers the F12 Berlinetta. It will be mated to the HY-KERS electric hybrid system, which Ferrari says will cut the 0-124mph (0-200kph) time by 10 per cent and official emissions by 40 per cent; unconfirmed reports suggest the KERS system adds around 120bhp to the engine’s 800bhp.

This means a combined power output of more than 900bhp and a 0-124mph time estimated to be just over eight seconds. Ferrari also says the KERS system and its ancillaries do not affect the power to weight ratio, as the power benefit is equal to the additional weight.

Ferrari also says the new Enzo will be no taller than the Ferrari 458 Italia, nor have a longer wheelbase. So far, Ferrari F150 teaser images have revealed only shrouded details of the car.

The final production car is expected to be revealed at next year’s Shanghai motor show, although reports also suggest it could be seen slightly earlier, at the Geneva motor show.

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24 December 2012

Not exactly quaking in my boots,still think the Porsche 918 will be better, more Arnold than Louis Spence?

Peter Cavellini.

24 December 2012

If the power benifit is equal to the additional weight why bother?

John in Spain

25 December 2012

tepee wrote:

If the power benifit is equal to the additional weight why bother?

The added weight from the KERS may offset the power it produces in terms of performance, but it does not offset the fuel economy and emissions benefits from the system.  Thats why they bother.  You can believe that if Ferrari wasn't forced to do this because of new laws regarding efficiency they most definitely wouldn't.  Imo I would rather have the KERS system than a twin turbo V12, it was going to be one or the other to meet the efficiency requirements.  The day that Ferrari is forced to add turbos and/or downsize their engines is going to be a very sad day indeed.  Hopefully the KERS can be developed and improved enough to avoid that.


25 December 2012

gillmanjr wrote:

The day that Ferrari is forced to add turbos and/or downsize their engines is going to be a very sad day indeed.  


F40 was not such a sad day for Ferrari.

Had 2.9L, V8 Twin Turbo.

26 December 2012

mrotom wrote:

F40 was not such a sad day for Ferrari.

Had 2.9L, V8 Twin Turbo.

The F40 was developed based on the 288 GTO, which was developed by Ferrari with the sole purpose of completing against the Porsche 959, specifically in race spec.  It was Ferrari's intention with the F40 to make the fastest production car in the world and outdo the 959.  Those are the last engines in 30 years and I believe the only engines that Ferrari has ever built with forced induction, its not their MO.  I love the F40 as much as the next man, but the sound that V8 makes is not Ferrari.  I don't think anyone can make an argument about the F40 being the best sounding car that Ferrari has built, not even close.

25 December 2012

Another spelling mistake I see: -

The new 'Ferraro' Enzo will be powered by a V12 engine

25 December 2012

I think a V12 for a hybrid...even a supercar one like this, is overkill - V8's max.


25 April 2013

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26 April 2013

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21 May 2013

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