The future of the flagship four-door Bugatti is still being decided, suggesting that the car is still several years away from launch.

Asked about progress of the luxury saloon, which is now not expected until 2015-2016, new Bentley/Bugatti boss Wolfgang Schreiber said, “We are still working on the Galibier concept, but I would say it is more difficult to fulfil all the requirements for Bugatti customers than Bentley customers.”

Schreiber knows Bugatti well; he is a former technical chief and managing director of the Molsheim-based company. His new job as Bentley chairman now also includes responsibility for Bugatti.

Schreiber says one of the difficulties facing the Bugatti team is satisfying its demanding customer base, hence the slow progress in getting the Galibier to market.

“The Veyron and derivatives of the Veyron are very focused on the needs of the customers,” he said. “If you now switch to a different type of car, it is very necessary to evaluate the needs of the customer. The launch date is still not decided yet.”

However, Schreiber did say that the luxury four-door saloon was needed to extend the Bugatti range.

“The four-door is absolutely necessary. The hero car, the Veyron, is now alone. I think customers would be very pleased if we had a second car, so I support it very much.”