You are looking at the MC1; a British designed and built supercar that could be on sale by 2011.

The car uses a 600bhp, mid-mounted V10, and is of true supercar proportions at over 4.5-metres long and 1.9-metres wide.

You probably haven't heard of Motorcity, but it's an established name in automotive design. Owned by British designer David Hilton, the studios are based in Germany and have produced cars such as the most recent Ford Mustang and S-Max.

The MC1 supercar is the latest creation to appear from Hilton's studios and it's claimed the car is already well beyond the computer screen, with working prototypes already in the testing stages.

Hilton chose to create the MC1 in order "to demonstrate that, in a short time, one designer can create and build a fresh design suitable for development."

The "development" part is yet to be seen, but it is in progress. Motorcity has teamed up with C2P Automotive, a Milton Keynes based engineering company, who have agreed to manufacture the car.

Little else is yet known about the MC1. There are no hints as to whether the engine will be sourced from another company, or anything regards cost or production numbers, but expect to hear more from Motorcity as the MC1 progresses.