Production of the BMW M6 has ended after five years

Production of the BMW M6 has ceased, the company has confirmed.

The M division’s 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V10 powerplant, that also powered the M5, has therefore been killed off as a result.

The BMW M6 concept made its debut at the 2005 Geneva motor show and was based on the BMW E63/E64 6-Series. BMW is expected to unveil its next-generation 6-Series at the Paris motor show in September.

Speculation has suggested that the new twin-turbo V8 – due to power the 2011 M5 – will also be used for the next 6-series.

There will almost certainly be a replacement for the M6, but BMW cannot decided whether to grant it full 'M' nomenclature.

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29 July 2010

This is a very sad month for Bmw Ending production for M5 and M6 the icon's with the great V10 Engine :(

Yes ok the engine replacing it (4.4v8 twin turbo) will have more power more torque and cost less but there is something about NA V10 engine's which help to make the car complete one of the best things about the M5 and M6 was that engine :) I work for Audi and it is the same story there with the S4 and newer S5 no V8 just a supercharged V6 with not depth or soul

In the current climate we will never see bigger engines will be getting smaller and smaller with turbo's ie next 1 series high end engine will be 1.6 turbo ooooooo sounds great well not really

Thanks Guys and Ladies

29 July 2010

Sad day indeed!

Wasn't a massive fan of the M6.. But that engine was something else. Made a fantastic noise!

29 July 2010

F1 adopted V10 engines for practical purposes - capacity limits increased so they added 2 more cylinders to their V8s. Never saw the point in making production V10's .they are really just two straight fives joined together, and a straight five just isn't right. I have only driven VW diesel fives , but they are unpleasant.

29 July 2010

Try driving a Volvo straight five petrol. Wonderful machines with a lovely soundtrack. The V10 is, naturally twice as good!

Even the Volvo straight five diesels are pretty fine.

29 July 2010

[quote Oilburner]Try driving a Volvo straight five petrol. Wonderful machines with a lovely soundtrack. [/quote]

I agree, the soundtrack is brilliant!

Its one of the main reasons I purchased my car.

29 July 2010

My first and only straight 5 was an Audi Coupe I bought new in 1983 - that off-beat exhaust note was special.

I had a hankering for an M6 about 3 or 4 years ago and after having a test drive in an M5 - I decided, as good as it was in most areas, I couldn't live with that SMG gearbox :(

29 July 2010

Sad days, mourning's day even.

M is loosing its soul...

29 July 2010

I agree, a very sad day all round. With companies being forced to push CO2 levels ever further these sort of things are going to be happening on a more frequent basis.

Good for the environment, bad for the petrol head.

29 July 2010

[quote Uncle Mellow]I have only driven VW diesel fives , but they are unpleasant.[/quote] Comparing a 5 cylinder diesel engine and a V10 petrol, a few more braincells and you'd be a cabbage.

1 August 2010

[quote 38carssofar]

My first and only straight 5 was an Audi Coupe I bought new in 1983 - that off-beat exhaust note was special.


Me too - I had the original 5 pot test car - FOX 1P (if memory serves) until it was nicked.

Subsequently I had the great pleasure to own a tuned Fiat Coupe 20v non-turbo with the best exhaust note I've heard, short of an angry 599 on the M1 north.

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