Official rating gives hypercar the world's most powerful normally aspirated engine

Aston Martin's One-77 supercar will have what the firm claims is the world's most powerful normally aspirated production engine when deliveries start early next year.

The Gaydon manufacturer has confirmed today that the car's 7.3-litre, V12 poweprlant will be officially rated at 750bhp and 553lb ft, figures that will place the One-77 comfortably clear of Pagani's 681bhp Zonda Cinque and even the track-only Zonda R Clubsport.

Aston remains confident that all 77 examples of the car will be sold, despite a price tag in excess of £1.2m.

The company is said to have firm deposits for more than half of the production run, with "serious expressions of interest" that will cover more than the remainder.

Dr Ulrich Bez, Aston's chief executive, said, “The One-77 is approaching a production reality and of course, there is considerable excitement in the project.

Now the next steps are all about details and refinement to complete the composition. I know the final car will demonstrate what the Aston Martin team is capable of.”

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21 September 2010

I'd buy it and add to my Aston Martin collection.

21 September 2010

Hoping to take delivery of mine before xmas. Just waiting on Corgi to confirm colour options..........

21 September 2010

I wanted 777bhp, so i have cancelled my order.

21 September 2010

Only 450bhp short of the Veyron Super Sport....oh, well....I guess they could throw a Rapide into the deal to make up for it. Then there's the torque.........

21 September 2010

Too much testosterone in the designer's breakfast i think, it's so pumped up it would bite your head off!,so it's got 750 naturally aspirated ponies!, nothing spectacular in today's car climate, it's not even in the same car culture group as the cars mentioned in the article, it's more iron fist in a velvet glove, more 007, i suppose if you must say a positive it must be the fact that it's British looking, which isn't saying much really , is it?

Peter Cavellini.

21 September 2010

It is a gorgeous car, no doubt about that...I just think that the price tag is crazy.

1.2m for a car like this? Can't see it...

21 September 2010

It may be the highest output normally-aspirated production engine out there, but in terms of specific power output (bhp/litre which is surely a better measure, I am sure there are others out there who do better...911GT3 & 458 Italia for instance....even the defunct Honda S2000.

21 September 2010

Guys, you have got to look at the big picture......... and not ( so much ) the big cheque.

It represents a milestone in Aston Martin's history. A marriage of craftsmanship, technology, cutting edge design and the most exotic of materials with the pungently alluring stench of British endeavour. It will be as breathtaking as a Supermarine Spitfire barrel rolling over the Channel at 300mph +, as thumping as one of Barnes Wallace's "toffee apples" slamming into the Mohne Dam and will surely stir the soul of every genuine Englishman old enough to remember when Conkers were legal in the playground. Its enough to make a tantric trouser tent when you press the start button.

I personally cannot wait to drive my NOW favourite Uncle's ( LOL) one which will be coming in the new year, I just hope he keeps it here and does not take it back to the States with Him which He mumbled last Week.


21 September 2010

Big headline figures and engineering thoroughness aside, it's still a slightly gawky looking thing. I know this might be a matter of personal taste but from a company producing one of the best looking cars on sale today- the DB9- it's not exactly elegant is it?

I'm a big fan of Aston- to the extent of being slightly autistic on the subject when younger- and this just doesn't grab me as in any way representing an 'ultimate' for the marque. Maybe it's yet more proof that money can't buy you taste...

22 September 2010

There will be no shortage of grunt with this car, but thankfully they have not decided to join in the bhp war that sees the numbers going over 1,000. As far as the price is concerned the fact that there is only 77 and that it is an Aston there should be no great sales problems.


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