Aston Martin could put Bertone Jet 2+2 concept into limited production as a Rapide Shooting Brake

The Bertone Jet 2+2 concept car could become a bona fide Aston Martin in a limited production run, Autocar has learned.

The Jet 2+2 - essentially an Aston Martin Rapide estate - was a hit when it appeared at the Geneva motor show in March as both a tribute to Aston’s centenary and a commemoration of 60 years of Aston and Bertone working together.

It was originally planned as a one-off project for one of Bertone’s wealthiest customers, but Autocar has learned that a small-scale production run is being investigated. If signed off, the Rapide Shooting Brake would sit at the top of Aston’s range.

Video: Steve Sutcliffe drives the Bertone Jet 2+2

At the moment, the jury is still out, says Aston, because there are legal issues to sort, plus a debate to be settled as to what the car might be called, should it make it into a limited production series.

Bertone has a strong history of using the Jet name - the car takes its name and styling cues from the Vanquish-based 2004 Jet 2 concept - but Autocar understands that Aston would want the car to be called Rapide Shooting Brake if it is given the green light. Either way, it is understood that the desire is strong on both sides to see the project blossom.

What’s also not yet clear is who precisely would make the car, should it become a production reality. If fewer than 10 examples are made, Bertone would build the car at its HQ just outside Turin. But if more than 10 are made, then Aston will build them at Gaydon.

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6 June 2013

Should stay a one off, the Rapide isn't exactly a looker,so this Shooting Brake is an even bigger mistake.

Peter Cavellini.

6 June 2013

Will the guy who paid circa £4 million for an exclusive one-off be seeking a refund if they build 10 or more making them `common as muck'



6 June 2013

to me. Agree with Mr Cavellini that the saloon is the least attractive of the range but think this solves that and the other obvious problem of there being no room inside it. I'd ditch the saloon altogether and make this instead. Go down very well in Gstaad and Monte Carlo. Assume they'd just give the bloke who paid for the original his money back.

6 June 2013

I agree with Leslie, i would be pretty miffed if i just forked out the 4mill for the one off for more to then be made. Even if it isnt the exact same thing, i'd still be miffed.

6 June 2013

Why doesn't Aston produce its own version? Then, it could side-step the Jet's munterish Vel Satis-style rear.

Shouldn't be too much of a problem - Aston's milked the DB9 to produce a two-seat version (Vantage), a four-seat/four-door (Rapide), so a coupe-esque four-door estate shouldn't be too much of a, umm, stretch.

BTW, isn't the definition of 'shooting brake' a two-door estate?  

6 June 2013

Why would anyone buy a German car when you can have elegance such as this? The Germans really do have a lot to learn.

10 June 2013

great for rich guys with kids.

steroids on Facebook. steroids on Twitter.

19 June 2013

the Rapide Shooting Brake would sit at the top of Aston’s range.

oto klima

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