Reports from Japan suggest another Toyota recall is imminent
7 February 2010

Reports in Japan suggest a worldwide recall of the Toyota Prius for brake problems is imminent.

The latest humiliation for Toyota, the world's largest car maker, is expected to be announced within the next 72 hours.

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Toyota's recall woes - timeline of how the stories broke

The news follows the recall of eight million Toyotas over accelerator pedal defects which have been linked to 19 deaths in the US by lawyers.

The news of the impending Prius recall was broken by Japan's largest newspaper, Yomiuri. Its report says Toyota has already notified car dealers in Japan that it plans to recall its latest Prius model.

Toyota is expected to make a formal announcement after reporting to the government.

In addition, Toyota is still investigating whether the same braking issues apply to other cars in its hybrid range, including several Lexus models that use the same energysaving technology.

The Prius braking problem is reported to be fixable via a software upgrade, which has already been fitted as standard on cars since January. The problem is believed to relate to the braking feel, rather than a failure of the braking system.

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7 February 2010

It bothers me that this is apparently a "software" problem. There is too much software in modern cars. What about the long-term Autocar Insignia that suffered headlamp failure because of software. Even computer manufacturers can struggle with software - what hope is there for car manufacturers ?

7 February 2010

Cars have had software for years, I really wouldn't worry about it.

7 February 2010

[quote Stephen Guckel]Cars have had software for years, I really wouldn't worry about it.[/quote]

Not in brakes and headlamps they haven't. I read about a guy who had a bulb blow in a BMW and he had to replace the aftermarket stereo with the original BMW one before the light would work with a new bulb.

8 February 2010

"...defects which have been linked to 19 deaths in the US by lawyers."

This flimsy statement lies at the heart of Toyota's predicament. Nineteen alleged deaths out of approximately eight-million potential recall vehicles? Those odds can't be far off the risks each one of us take when we get behind the wheel of a car everyday?

Toyota are doing the right thing by recalling their cars; this is morally the right thing. Aspects of the Toyota recall saga seem to be aping the Ford Pinto scandal of the 1970's, when, it was found that in rear-impact accidents, the Ford Pinto's fuel tank was prone to rupturing, causing the car to explode.* Ford worked out that it was cheaper to pay-off the families of those unfortunate enough to be cremated in one of their cars than to engineer a solution to the Pinto's pyrotechnic problem and, rather embarrassingly for Ford, leaked (secret) internal memos confirmed as much. Ford put a price on their customer's lives. Four decades on, the Pinto scandal still hangs over Ford like a thundercloud.

The Toyota recall will cost the company billions, but I feel that the damage to its reputation will be short-lived as the Japanese corporation seems to be acting wholly in good faith. Toyota is doing the right thing; unlike Ford, Toyota is actioning a costly recall.

I agree with Steve Cropley's comments in his 'Toyota Problems? Driver Problems!' blog, comments for which he's been flamed. The bigger picture of this problem, at least my opinion of it is that Americans are seldom culpable for their own actions, they appear like a nation devoid of any common sense when it comes to taking personal responsibility for one's self and will sue your ass for a twelve-figure-sum if you dare suggest otherwise.

* It is now widely regarded that Ford Pinto was no more prone to rear-impact fires than many other cars of its generation. It was the way that Ford chose to not resolve the Pinto's problems that brought about the Pinto scandal.

8 February 2010

Toyota's biggest problem here is their total inability to explain the problem. Now everybody thinks the Prius's brakes fail. And that Toyota thinks this is a 'phenomenon'. I heard Toyota's European boss on the radio trying to explain it, and his mumbling just confused the issue further.

8 February 2010

I remember the Mk2 Prius needed a recall for a software upgrade , around '05 , but there wasn't so much fuss that time around(wasn't a brake problem).

8 February 2010

Theres goes Toyota "bullet-proof" reliability.

Go Honda go!

8 February 2010

[quote lucasworldcars]

Theres goes Toyota "bullet-proof" reliability.

Go Honda go!


Hasn't the Honda Jazz been recalled? Isn't it built in Swindon?

The parts suppliers are more in hot water than the car companies, as far as I can determine.

8 February 2010

[quote Stephen Guckel]The parts suppliers are more in hot water than the car companies, as far as I can determine.[/quote]

Hot water has just been recalled as there is a chance of scalding. All kettles are being rectified so they heat the water to human body temperature only.

8 February 2010

There goes my cup of Earl Grey......


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