Transport secretary Phillip Hammond will scrap M4 bus lane

The M4 bus lane is due to be axed at the end of the year.

Transport secretary Philip Hammond is expected to announce the closure of the controversial 3.5-mile lane near Heathrow airport at next week's Conservative Party conference.

The lane will be suspended for 18 months between 24 December and July 2012 when it will be used during the 2012 Olympic Games.

After then, it is expected it will be scrapped permanently.

It will mean that all motorists will be able to drive the entire London-bound carriageway on the section of motorway between junctions three and two.

At present, it can only be used by buses, licensed black taxis and motorcycles.

Hammond is expected to say: “I can announce today that from the end of December until the Olympics the M4 bus lane will be suspended. And once the Olympics are over, my intention is to scrap it permanently.”

The lane was introduced in 1999 by former transport secretary John Prescott.

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1 October 2010

Never used the M4 but fully aware of it largely due to one J Clarkson.

Getting rid of any Prescott idea is surely a good thing. Next step is to expel him from the House of Lords and public life altogether.

The comments section needs a makeover... how about a forum??

1 October 2010

Good, stupid idea from a stupid man who, of course, being a champagne socialist just used it and damn the proles.

Will be nice to see the smug twats in their Mercs have to drive like the rest of us instead of pretending they are an 'executive hire' cab and using the lane illegally. Amazing just how many tossers do that ... have I EVER seen a copper in 8 years of using this road in the morning? Nope.

1 October 2010

As a southerner living in the North, even with the appalling motorways up here which beggar belief at how crap they are (cue M6, M62, etc) I feel lucky that I have not had to be put through the frustration of driving next to that bus lane everyday.

Trust me, tolerating and negotiating your way on 3 separate major motorways for just a 25 mile journey to get to work is enough. But if I was to have to watch others lord it up in a bus lane on a seriously busy motorway then I would probably lose it with them one day!

1 October 2010

Great news - looking forward to all the courteous Audi & BMW drivers merging in turn at the 3 into 2 pinch point before the elevated section

1 October 2010

Good start, now let's get rid of all the other bus lanes.

1 October 2010

Looks like more wasted time and money from our government. However, the bus lanes near us are quite useful because you can see exactly which red lights the bus drivers are going to run.

1 October 2010

I think the reason these did not work for ye is because your bus companys are all private and unreliabe . Here in Ireland we have bus lanes on all the major motorways and they work the bus services are high frequency and reliable and been on a bus on a busy day is great as they get too motor on by all the congestion .Yes I have used them a lot when going too collage much better than driving and being stuck in traffic each time for 2 or 3 hours . . It works here what ye British need too do is have a semi-state owned Bus company with a reliable and frequent service on roots with business potential and it would work roots where they is a lot off commuters like that will use the service .Thats how you make it succesfull not just going eh this ain,t working we will just cancel it thats the lazy easy way out .

1 October 2010

If you don't use the M4 going east in to London you'll struggle to understand just how frustrating an empty bus lane can be. Try living in the West and doing business in the South and you'd realise how impossible using a bus is for those of us trying to run a business. Goodness knows I am beginning to like this Tory -Liberal coalition.

1 October 2010

I am sad to see it go. For 18 months I worked in London during the week and travelled to and from Cardiff for the weekend on the Megabus. If I caught the Monday bus at 05.45 I could off at Victoria coach station before 09.00 and all for £10 or less each way!

Made far more sense than Worst Great Western or the £60 in fuel I spent on a hire car for one weekend and the bus lane meant it was faster by bus as well. But I suppose the motorists in Reading, Bracknell and the rest of Thames Valley with their company cars did not see it that way.

1 October 2010

It makes no difference! Simply pushes the 3 into 2 flow a few miles further east on the M4.


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