Ferrari’s piece-by-piece unveiling of its long-awaited successor to the Enzo has continued with the revealing of the new car’s engine bay.

The mid-engined Enzo successor, known internally as F150, will be powered by a drivetrain called ‘HY-KERS’. Ferrari first showed this hybrid drivetrain, which mates a mid-mounted V12 petrol engine to a dual-clutch gearbox with an electric motor mounted at the rear, at the Beijing motor show in April.

Fiat’s in-house technology supplier Magneti Marelli has developed the car’s electronic control modules, and the picture first shown in the Official Ferrari Magazine reveals the main control unit is mounted on top of the gearbox.

The high-tension orange wires are to deal with high voltages and link to the car’s Kevlar-wrapped lithium-ion battery pack (the size and power of which has to be revealed) and this is mounted behind the passenger compartment rather than beneath it, as the ride height would have to have been increased. The blue wires link the control modules of the major components.

No power figure for the system has been revealed by Ferrari, but it has confirmed that it adds 1.34bhp of power for every 1kg of weight it adds. HY-KERS also cuts CO2 emissions by around 40 per cent and improves power by around 10 per cent over a V12 model without HY-KERS.

Given Ferrari’s most recent V12, the F12, produces 730bhp, it’s possible the Enzo successor could produce just over 800bhp. The HY-KERS system also includes an additional front-mounted electric motor to run the car’s ancillaries.

The image gives little away about the F150 asides from its powertrain, but does reveal quad exhausts and that tilted radiators will be mounted in front of the rear wheels.

The rear-mounted electric motor also takes the place of the traditional starter motor, saving weight.

Ferrari showed the F150’s 70kg carbonfibre tub at last week’s Paris motor show. The F1-derived structure is said to be 20 per cent stiffer, lighter and more rigid than the previous Enzo’s. A kerb weight of around 1100kg has been hinted at by insiders.