The Fiat Tipo will go on sale in September, priced from £12,995 for the hatchback and £13,995 for the estate

The Fiat Tipo will be priced from £12,995 to £18,995 for the hatchback variant and £13,995 to £19,995 for the estate when it goes on sale in September, undercutting both the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra.

The Tipo’s engine range is made up of two diesel options - 1.3 and 1.6-litre units with 94bhp and 148lb ft and 118bhp and 236lb ft respectively - and three petrols: a normally aspirated 1.4-litre unit producing 94bhp and 92lb ft, a normally aspirated 1.6 with 108bhp and 150lb ft and a turbocharged 1.4 producing 118bhp and 152lb ft.

A dual-clutch automatic transmission is offered on the larger of the diesel engines and a full automatic gearbox is standard with the 1.6-litre petrol.

The entry-level Tipo has air-con, remote central locking, electric front windows, electric mirrors, a DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

Likely to be the most popular hatchback model, the 1.6-litre diesel engine in mid-range spec with a manual transmission costs £16,995. For the estate version, the same engine and trim costs £1000 more, at £17,995.

Fiat is claiming boot space of 420 litres for the hatchback and 520 litres for the estate, but with the 60/40 split folding rear seats of the estate folded down, maximum storage capacity will rise sharply. Fiat also says practicality is boosted by a low loading lip.

The Tipo hatchback is 4370mm long, 1790mm wide and 1500mm tall, compared with the Ford Focus’s 4360mm length, 1823 width and 1469 height. The Tipo estate, by comparison, is 200mm longer than the hatchback, at 4570mm.

The Tipo hatchback and estate models were revealed at the Geneva motor show, and Fiat also revealed the Tipo saloon, although it won’t be coming to the UK.

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Fiat Tipo

Fiat goes back to the future with its new, 1980s-inspired family hatchback

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1 March 2016

I thought the Tipo was supposed to undercut the competition? A starting price matching the Focus seems pricey to me...

"Work hard and be nice to people"

1 March 2016

Looks wise, a perfect predecessor to the Bravo...oh, sorry, you say this is new? Seriously, it's not bad looking, like a mash up of the BMW 1 Series and last Nissan Almera, but Mini2 hits the nail on the head as regards pricing. It will sell ok in Southern Europe but probably won't make much of an impact herein the UK.

1 March 2016

The front is ok, but the overall design is extremely bland. The 308 isn't exactly a stunner, but it looks more mature over this. The new Megane shows that practical doesn't have to be dull.

Mini2, I'm not surprised at the price, but I suspect that it will be so heavily discounted, that the truer base price will be about 14k

5 May 2016

I'm not sure what I'm missing but entry list price is 12995 undercutting focus...


5 May 2016

The earlier comments were posted in response to a previous story suggesting that the Tipo would be priced at similar levels to the Focus, rather than undercutting it. Actually, this does appear to offer a lot for the money, but I guess nobody pays list price for its competitors, so it's all about the deals on offer. It's nice for a change to see an honest car without premium pretentions and the accompanying blather about "perceived quality" and "soft-touch surfaces". I hope it's successful: FIAT really needs to prove it's more than a one trick pony with the 500.

5 May 2016

If Fiat had stuck to making affordable value for money practical cars they would not have lost such a valuable market share, which let in the Koreans and Renault's Dacia..
I am not ashamed to say i once owned a Tipo in 1989-90. it was good value for money. But I'm afraid Fiat has come to the market rather late, and is shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted- they milked the 500 much too long.. but I wish them all the best.

5 May 2016

I wonder what will be worse. This or an Astra?

5 May 2016

The type of customers that will buy this car are the 60+ fancies a change from a Nissan Micra, or Honda Jazz. Wonder if it will be available in beige. Looks totally dull an unappealing.

5 May 2016

It might be nice to do a modern interpretation of the Strada - in looks not mechanics :) unless they want to recreate the 130TC as the range topper!

Somthing a bit different to the jellymold hatchbacks. Just a thought.

5 May 2016

Fiat have a strangely inconsistent range of cars with the same badge, a cheap and cheerful hatch like this, contrasting with the expensive and trendy 500.

They almost need 2 different marques


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