Jaguar's design boss confirms his brand's motorsport aspirations will focus on the F-type
27 March 2013

Jaguar boss Adrian Hallmark has described the return of the brand to racing as "obligatory but not imminent”.

Speaking at the New York motor show Hallmark also confirmed that any race activity would focus on the new Jaguar F-type.

"Our ambitions at the moment focus on volume growth, and going racing wouldn't impact on that in the type of way that makes it something we must do in the next three to five years," said Hallmark.

"But, for all that, Jaguar should be racing, just as it should have a sports car at the heart of its range. It will happen, and it will be authentic in that it will be with an existing product rather than a prototype or single-seater, but the actual date for it remains some way off."

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Jaguar F-type
It’s Britain’s most important sports car in a decade. Does the Jaguar F-type live up to the hype?

The Jaguar F-type bridges the gap between the Boxster and 911 on price, but can it offer the best of both worlds on the road?

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27 March 2013

A few years a go I spoke with someone who worked in the Jaguar camp. To protect their identity and reputation/job, I will not mention the name.

In no uncertain terms they said the XK was a terrible platform to go racing with. If you look at the racing activities the XK has participated in it's fairly minimal and really disheartening.

The company has had it's troubles since the mid to late 80's but now they are on good footing and should be back at the track. The catch of course is at the track with the F-Type and not the XK!

Mr. Hallmark can say it's because of "volume growth" but he's not daft, he and his engineers know that the XK is a GT car and not built for racing. This is why I hate the XKR-S-GT they introduced at the New York Auto Show.

I think it's embarrassing and so obnoxious and garish that Sir William Lyons is rolling in his grave. The XK is a beautiful car, in base form, the F-Type is beautiful and presumably, built for racing, that's Jaguar getting back to what it does best: building and selling beautiful and sexy sports/sporting cars that you and I can buy and love/lust over after we see them win on Sunday.

28 March 2013

I was under the impression that the XK platform was used in the F type, but shortened at the ends. That's why the F Type is so wide, which for UK roads is a real shame ?

28 March 2013

From all indications it is on a shortened XK platform: and that scares me a bit. I think it's too simple to say only that it's 'shortened'. There is no way they didn't re-engineer the chassis for better ride and handling.

It's one sexy beast and on my short list of cars to consider for purchase by the end of the year. I so want Jaguar to make my decision really hard.

17 April 2013

There are a couple of XF's racing in the Italian Superstars Series, it's fun racing to watch with only mildly modded street cars (big arches and huge rear wing) not sillouette cars as in the DTM. It's also got far more competitors than the pathetic BTCC and ETCC championships.

Superstars is easily the best touring car series in the world today, it reminds me of the early days of the DTM when they ran real production based cars or the great Group A series ran in the late 80's.

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