The Jaguar F-type is the front runner to receive Jaguar's forthcoming manual gearboxes.
8 November 2012

Jaguar is planning to reintroduce manual gearboxes, but not for at least 12 months.

Adrian Hallmark, global brand director for the firm, says that the company recognises the “cost and fun” benefits of manual gearboxes. As a result, they are most likely to be launched on the forthcoming F-type two-seat sports car, but they could also be engineered for saloons such as the XF.

“Sports cars need a manual transmission for sports credibility,” said Hallmark. However, he said he “can’t imagine” a manual XJ, and “the XF is the biggest format we could move to for a manual”. Hallmark said Jaguar is investigating manual gearboxes with a “minimum of six speeds”. 

He also confirmed that Jaguar and Land Rover will use the next-generation of ZF’s class-leading automatic gearbox, which features nine speeds in place of eight.

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Jaguar F-Type Convertible
It’s Britain’s most important sports car in a decade. Does the Jaguar F-type live up to the hype?

The Jaguar F-type bridges the gap between the Boxster and 911 on price, but can it offer the best of both worlds on the road?

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10 November 2012

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11 November 2012

Here is a quote of mine from another F-Type article back in early September...

gillmanjr wrote:

For all of you talking about manual boxes, or lack thereof...I've said it before and I'll say it again: I guarantee that Jag will start offering a stick with this car.  Maybe not for the first model year, but it will come, count on it.  Jag has been on a huge role for the last 5 years and they are aiming this car at the Boxster/Cayman and 911 for the R spec.  If they want to compete with Porsche this needs to be a driver's car, not just a miniature XK, and that means a manual option.


8 November 2012

Thank god someone at Jaguar has been listening. This is outstandingly brilliant news and I will now by an Ftype and if it looks like the concept couple cx 16 or whatever it was called, I will be a very, very happy bunny.

8 November 2012

Lets be totally honest, they are probably developing the manual box for the new small Jaguar, if the want to steal sales from the 3 series and the A4, they will need a small capacity manual diesel as an absolute minimum, it makes sense to then make this gearbox available across vehicles in the JLR fleet to spread production and development cost, and the new smaller Landrovers will need a new manual box anyway..

8 November 2012

EXCELLENT news, Jaguar! I hope other higher end manufacturers are listening.

9 November 2012

then my next car will be a Jaguar.


9 November 2012

... sums it up nicely.

I wonder if Volkswagen have the brains and vision to recognise the "the “cost and fun” benefits of manual gearboxes"...



10 November 2012

yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you Jaquar

5 December 2012


Many manufacturers use automatic and semi-automatic gearboxes for getting high speed. But manual gearboxes are still popular.



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