Volkswagen wants to become the automotive equivalent of Apple with its new car designs
20 January 2012

Volkswagen wants to become the automotive equivalent of Apple with its new car designs, according to the man behind the looks of the new Volkswagen CC.

Speaking at the CC’s launch in France, VW CC exterior design chief, Martin Kropp, said: “You have Apple and you have other products. This is what VW wants to be.”

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Kropp said inspiration for the styling revisions to VW’s revised swoopy four-door came from Mont Blanc fountain pens, Apple products and designer watches.

“You enjoy looking at all these products,” he said. “You know there is the function and engineering behind the products, but you also enjoying looking at them. You want simple designs and this is what we’re trying to achieve.”

Kropp said that VW design was now at the stage where small technical improvements could help differentiate the German brand from its rivals. “We’re now looking at the fine details to really push ahead,” he said. “The head and tail lights of the new CC for instance now have lots of fine lines and intricate styling details.

“The CC is one of the last VWs to get the new corporate face, but everything has been improved in the quality of the look. We’ve taken inspiration from the Phaeton for it.”

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Our Verdict

Volkswagen CC
The CC offers a handsome alternative to the staid Passat

The Volkswagen CC is not quite as pretty as it's predecessors but still superior to the Passat

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20 January 2012

Problem is that VW dont have a Steve Jobs around do they? Perhaps they are spouting a different tune because their idea of becomning global No.1 just took a hit with GM regaining top spot?? one wonders

20 January 2012

[quote Autocar]Volkswagen wants to become the automotive equivalent of Apple with its new car designs, according to the man behind the looks of the new Volkswagen CC.[/quote]

VW is the very antithesis of Apple. VW should aspire to be an automotive Dell, at best.

20 January 2012

Apple products are really great when they're new ( but age quickly) and work well most of the time.... Do VW really want to be like this ?

20 January 2012

While Apple is in the process of turning itself into a latter day version of Sony.

20 January 2012

The influence of Apple design on young design students is profound, particularly in US art colleges. But German car makers are producing cars the shape of a banana with a million gizmos to give the driver a false sense of advanced electronic command, and value for money. VW will need to create vehicles of astonishing simplicity and durable material to get close to Apple's sense of clean modernity and sophistication. Currently only the Japanese are doing that ... concepts anathema to petrolheads.

20 January 2012

What? Designed in California and built in China?

20 January 2012

Apple products are bright, desirable, work well and liked by professional computer bods as well as the general public.

VW on the other hand......

Sorry, I can't see it myself. Think this guy's ego is perhaps a little big!



It's all about the twisties........

20 January 2012

Well, they are getting there.

I mean Audis have a Hard Drive.... ;-)

Back to FWD Sad

20 January 2012

[quote Espresso1]What? Designed in California and built in China?[/quote]

And everything inside the box designed and made by Samsung. Apples only contribution is the exterior styling/ software and huge prices.

20 January 2012

VW is nothing like Apple.

Apple focuses on doing just a few things really well.

VW tries to do everything ok-ish.

My iPhone is not a Golf, it is nothing like a Golf.

Where's the latest VW game changer? If VW was anything like Apple, it's range would consist of better versions of the Smart, Volt and Quashqai and all much better looking than nearly all the competition.

As someone said. They're more like Dell.


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