Volvo is looking for a partner to share development of its future small car range

Volvo is looking for a partner to share development of its future small car range, according to a report by the Financial Times.

The car maker, which has been owned by Geely since 2010, when the Chinese company purchased it from Ford, is keen to forge a new relationship to help divide the costs of producing new cars.

“We are open for partners,” Volvo’s chief executive Stefan Jacoby confirmed to the FT. “We are open for collaboration in a win-win situation for sharing platforms, for sharing engines and for a general higher scale of economics.”

Jacoby said Volvo had some potential partners in mind, but hadn’t entered into any detailed discussions yet.

Volvo’s boss has taken action to streamline the company since he joined from Volkswagen in August 2010, encouraging the development of a modular range of engines and a model platform that can underpin anything from a hatchback to a large saloon.

He also made a new small car a priority and Volvo will launch its new V40 at the Geneva motor show in March. The car has been pushed up the product cycle ahead of a replacement for the ageing XC90 full-size SUV.

The five-door hatchback will give Volvo a much-needed rival to the BMW 1-series and Audi A3.

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23 January 2012

Surely they best platform they could try and negotiate is the new one for the next MINI and BMW FWD 1-series. That would be a win-win situation.

23 January 2012

With BMW moving into the small FWD market and downsizing engines, perhaps that could work.

23 January 2012

From other threads, the general view seems to be that Fiat are lost on the bigger cars and don't have much action in China, though they do have expertise in smaller cars. They should maybe have a conversation?

23 January 2012

Volvo's links with Ford should help them access FIAT, Suzuki, Vauxhall, and even Ford themselves if they are interested in entering the market for smaller cars.

23 January 2012

[quote Autocar]Volvo is looking for a partner to share development of its future small car range,[/quote]Murray Design?

23 January 2012

[quote Los Angeles][quote Autocar]Volvo is looking for a partner to share development of its future small car range,[/quote]Murray Design?[/quote]

By stating that Volvo are looking for a partner to share development of small cars I think we must assume they mean sharing the cost and expertise needed. To me that would exclude the non car maker Murray Design but Suzuki could be a good match.

23 January 2012

Just stay away from GM!

23 January 2012

[quote Maxycat]To me that would exclude the non car maker [/quote]But they've already designed the vehicle - just needs Volvo to add pizzazz!

23 January 2012

A bit of a left-field shout, but the original S40 was built in conjunction with Mitsubishi the Charisma being the other model, how about another tie up, they have just released some teaser pictures of a new vehicle, and the Colt and Lancer could do with replacing, and they never replaced the Galant, if successful, perhaps they could also develop a replacement for the XC90/Shogun. My only question would be, is will the Chinese work with the Japanese?

23 January 2012

It baffles me why they aren't prioritising the XC90 replacement. It was such a good car for Volvo, and must have been one of their most profitable. It was a very 'acceptable' car for affluent families. Not it looks well past its prime.


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