The long-term future of Seat will only be secured when it has at least doubled sales from its current position, according to its boss James Muir.

Last year Seat sold 320,000 cars, and Muir has targeted a doubling of that figure as a minimum for sustainable success. Longer-term, he says car makers will have to sell nearer one million cars a year to be sustainable.

“We have to bring volume to the table as well as profits,” said Muir. “In the short-term that means the investment we have received for the Leon family needs to translate into sales. Then every bit of investment we get thereafter needs to pay off. With that, we can shout louder within the Volkswagen Group to get more investment."

Seat is believed to have an MQB platform-based Nissan Qashqai rival under development. In common with many car manufacturers Seat is looking to expand in to every area of the crossover market.