Peugeot has announced a new naming structure for all its cars.

From now on all new Peugeot names will either end with the designation '1' or '8'.

The Peugeot system of using three digit names with a central 0 was introduced in 1929. The first digit has always signified the car's size and the final digit has indicated the generation of vehicle. It was supplemented with the introduction of the 'double zero' models, such as the 3008 and 5008, since 2005, plus the introduction of body style indicators such as 'CC' and 'SW'.

However, Peugeot models will no longer change their number when they are renewed, other than for '7' models to become '8' models.

Peugeot says models that end with an '8' represent "value for money and status", while models than end in a '1' will "distinguish themselves in their segments through dynamic handling and driving enjoyment - qualities that define the Peugeot brand". However, models ending with a '1' will also be "value for money models".

Peugeot says that permanently fixing the numbers will simplify the understanding of the range and assist in establishing it in the minds of international buyers.