Government watchdog wants to see fuel prices kept high to force motorists into green cars

Fuel prices should be kept permanently high as a way of forcing drivers into smaller and more fuel efficient cars, according to the government’s climate change watchdog.

The Committee for Climate Change has advised the government that a minimum price for petrol and diesel should be introduced to make sure Britain meets its targets for emissions reductions.

“We know that people buy more efficient cars if the petrol price remains consistently high,” said the committee’s chief executive David Kennedy.

In its report to parliament, the Committee said that fuel duty needed to be increased to balance out reductions in oil prices and there should be a bigger gap between the cost of tax on the most and least polluting cars, with drivers of the most fuel efficient cars also qualifying for grants.

AA president Edmund King described the committee’s plans as “unrealistic”.

“People are already moving to more fuel efficient cars so there is no need to punish them by keeping the cost of fuel excessively high," he told The Times.

Tom Gregory

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30 June 2010

Cutting down on excessive paper use would also do a lot for climate change.

Let's start with Mr Kennedy's report.

30 June 2010

Does the Committee for Cliamte Change recieve any government Money? I bet they do. With all the spending cuts at the current time i cant think of a better place to start

30 June 2010

[quote artill]With all the spending cuts at the current time i cant think of a better place to start[/quote]I can. Trident.

30 June 2010

"forcing drivers into smaller and more fuel efficient cars"

Fine, so next time I buy a car I'll get myself a Polo Bluemotion instead of the "gas guzzling" Zafira we have now. I'm sure that will be just perfect for the camping trips that we make as a family of four...

Or maybe I should abandon camping and take cheap package holidays on jumbo jets instead? Yeah, that would be better for the environment...

Except that in small car we wouldn't even be able to fit our luggage in to get us to the airport...

Perhaps the CCC need to take dose of the real world: given the small parking spaces, high fuel costs and soaring car prices, most of us are already buying the smallest, most efficient car we can. Unfortunately, some of us *need* bigger cars, that's why we buy them. "Forcing" us into smaller cars just doesn't work, so it won't happen. Increasing tax is just punishing us for having a family, thanks for that.

Maybe David Kennedy doesn't realise this, but if we all stopped having families (or just having the one kid) because of silly policies like this making our lives too expensive and too difficult, who will be paying into the tax system when Mr Kennedy is old and grey? What goes around...

30 June 2010

What planet do these people live on ? It's companies that mostly buy the large engined luxury cars. High fuel and Road Tax pricing only really hurts the following owners who have to pay for their own cars (and their running costs).

30 June 2010

Britain has already failed to meet its targets for clean air, unlawfully so. It needs to double the cost of diesel and halve the cost of petrol. That simple action should make Britain legal again.

30 June 2010

[quote Los Angeles]

[quote artill]With all the spending cuts at the current time i cant think of a better place to start[/quote]I can. Trident.


you mean Trident's replacement. The money has already been spent on the in-service (D5) Trident.

Don't worry folks, this is just the dying kicks of Husky Dave(Cameron) and his fellow liars on 'Global Warming'. Everyone knows AGW is BS and a monumental scam against humanity. The criminals are ever more desperate with their propaganda and it shows. Keep telling the shills and useful idiots - many residing here on A/car forums - the truth. The buggers don't like it up 'em. Don't give up. We the people with the knowledge and truth will prevail. It's happening.

30 June 2010

What if you have a large family or require to carry a lot of gear or can't afford a new car?

I just wonder how many multi-millionaires are on this committee, how many pay for their own fuel and how many of them would be personally affected by continued high fuel costs or if they will just charge it to the taxpayer on expenses...

30 June 2010

It is certainly much easier and more lucrative for them to keep taxing fuel instead of designing and building roads and mass transportation systems that people actually want to use and make travelling more efficient...

30 June 2010

i do really wish electric cars were actually good and efficient. As it would put the government in a very sticky situation of "uh-oh what do we do now?" tax policy.


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