Chevrolet Volt production to be increased by 50 per cent in its first year following strong demand

General Motors has announced that it is increasing first-year production of the Chevrolet Volt by 50 per cent.

Only days after order books for the range-extender hybrid opened, GM said that “strong public interest” had persuaded it to raise the US production capacity for the car from 30,000 units in 2012 to 45,000.

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The announcement was timed to coincide with a visit by US president Barack Obama to the Volt’s production facility in Detroit. GM chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre said, “We are proud to host the president of the United States at this plant, where the future of the American automobile industry is being built today by the men and women of General Motors.”

Key to the Volt’s production figures will be its battery supply chain. GM’s cell supplier, LG Chem/Compact Power, recently started work on a 650,000sq ft factory in Holland, Michigan.

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Chevrolet Volt
The handsome Volt uses a petrol engine to charge the car's battery once it is flat

The Chevrolet Volt is an extended-range vehicle with an electric motor and a 1.4-litre petrol engine, and it makes the electric car viable for the masses

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2 August 2010

"We are proud to host the President of the United States at this plant, where the future of the American automobile industry is being built today by the men and woman of General Motors.”

What? GM has just one woman working for it? Shocking stuff...

2 August 2010

Jaguar XFR....mmmmmmmm Volt ewwwwwwwwwwww more power less whatever

2 August 2010

People have no taste by and large. This is a soulles car. Pile 'em high, sell 'em to the easily persuaded.

2 August 2010

[quote jonboy4969]Jaguar XFR....mmmmmmmm Volt ewwwwwwwwwwww more power less whatever[/quote]

Look at it in the right context. Compared to the Nissan Tree, sorry Leaf, this thing is a stunner. I would much prefer one of these than a Leaf or a prius for that matter. Its a much better way to use an electric engine than that in the Prius in my opinion.

3 August 2010

The Chevy Volt has to rank as the most innovative, vehicle produced by GM in a decade, maybe longer, a vehicle a million miles away from its retro muscle cars and tired unimaginative design. It's no surprise to learn orders have increased.

Here is an electric hybrid car different from other hybrids, such as the Prius, that can run on electricity for 40 miles on battery power and then seamlessly switch to a range extending gas generator, (110 kw)driving for hundreds of miles on a single tank. It has a large electric motor to driving the front wheels regenerating the battery (lithium ion) so that you never get ahead of yourself.

Plug in at night recharges in three hours. Whatismore, it's a decent looking good sized car, a four-seater with a wide rear hatch. Freezing weather? Yes, it will get less mileage ... same as a petrol engine. I'd give three cheers had not old F.Porsche placed electric motors on a Merc front wheels way back at the start of last century....

Like all new products there's a social aspect to consider. GM wants men to drive the Volt, but expect macho resistance. When the wrist watch first appeared men shunned them as a woman's bracelet. Men told the time from big, chunky pocket watches that had lids and chimes, cogs and wheels, springs and barometers, time told by Roman numerals pocket watches held to their jacket lapel by a heavy gold or silver chain for all to see.- a sign of wealth and social position. Real men had real watches.

To counter this attitude wrist watch manufacturers gifted them to athletes and celebrities and in time ...

Where have we heard of that before?

3 August 2010

That's all fine, LA, if you believe the necessity for this car is predicated on the world (not its people) needing such a car to survive. I don't. I am not convinced that cars cause any more than the minutest bit of pollution and I am not at all convinced that the world is about to run out of petrol. I do want this hysteria to continue though as it enables me to buy depreciated cars with sodding great big V8 engines in them.

3 August 2010

[quote A previously banned member]I do want this hysteria to continue ... it enables me to buy depreciated cars with sodding great big V8 engines in them.[/quote]How many V8s do you own?

You do realise electric cars were selling well 1910 to 1925 without a wave of "hysteria"?

3 August 2010

I have had three V8s in 18 months. I'm not sure what you're attempting to disprove about my post with your comment about electric cars between 1910 and 1925 (a time when the sales of all cars are nothing like today and the entire industry was in its infancy). I never said the Volt wouldn't sell well. It will because people don't think with their heads and believe all this government induced global warming nonsense and deduce from it that it must be cars that will make a difference and then go on to measure the whole thing on one gas! It's nonsense.

3 August 2010

[quote A previously banned member]It will because people don't think with their heads and believe all this government induced global warming nonsense [/quote]You think everyone but yourself gullible? Interesting theory.

But you have the Volt wrong. It's a petrol driven car that happens to augment its mileage with electricity.

3 August 2010

No, I didn't say everyone but I think it would be churlish to say that there isn't a mass hysteria about it. The fact that the Volt will sell well proves. Yes, you're right, I did have the Volt wrong. Would be better to have a V8 version!


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