The least polluting cars on sale by 2020 will be 'as clean as today's electric trains'
25 April 2012

The least polluting cars on sale at the end of this decade will be so efficient that they match the cleanest of today's high-speed electric trains, Richard Parry-Jones told an intelligent transport conference in London this morning.

Parry-Jones, one of the industry's most-respected engineers, predicted that by 2020, the car industry is targeting just 40g/km of tailpipe carbon, which translates to 25g/km per passenger when the average number of occupants in cars - 1.6 - is factored in.

That number is comparable with today's most-efficient electric trains; "that's a remarkable development when you think that the typical average was 140g/km in 2000," said Parry-Jones.

He also predicted that intelligent cars that inter-communicate with each other and traffic management systems are the future of the car industry.

"Networked vehicles under digital control are going to become the future of car manufacturing," he said.

The former Ford engineer is now head of the industry-government Automotive Council and chairman-designate of Network Rail.

Also speaking at the conference, transport minister Justine Greening, said the British road network needed upgrading to cope with a potential 44 per cent increase in traffic.

"A traffic increase like that would put our country under a crippling strain," Greening said. Around £1.5bn will be spent on national and local road improvements with a further £2.3bn earmarked for major roads.

However, future road improvements may hinge on public-private finance initiatives. "With the Treasury we are looking at attracting more finance from private investors,' Greening added.

The government is trying to pursuade British pensions funds to invest in infrastructure in return for reliable, long-term financial returns. "We also need to use these roads more intelligently," she said.


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19 March 2013

Cleaner cars mean a better environment for the planet. It is best to switch to green options even when you are going for a romantic weekend with your partner, enjoy your time together but do not forget about the planet. Be a little considerate and opt for a green hotel.

18 April 2013

The future of travel and transportation is bound to take a major turn in the next couple of decades because we can't keep burning huge amounts of fossil fuels. The cities are poluted and I like to take a short vacation and travel to a French gite near the sea side where the air is always fresh. But those who can't leave the city can only wait for the time when electric vehicles will replace the combustion ones at least inside major cities.

16 August 2013

Please keep on posting such quality articles as this is a rare thing to find these days. I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Looking forward to another great blog. Good luck to the author! all the best! (arshadul)

I am arshadul.

13 June 2013

It would be better for our environment if we can really access such less polluting cars. However, when you go for a trip make sure that the place has good transportation facilities as well as other services like laundry facilities.

15 June 2013

It would be better for the environment the less polluting car we have the better. However, when we travel we should remember trying voluntourism at home.

28 March 2013

I don't recall the last time I have traveled by train, my car is one of the latest models so my mind is at ease because I know it is cleaner than most cars. I plan to go to the England Brighton Festival by car, although that will depend on the number of people who will want to with me.

5 April 2013

If cars will be more cleaner and eco friendly than train then we can tackle the problem of environmental pollution easily. This is really a remarkable development and even it has advantages over train that these cars can inter communicate with each others and uses intelligent system that are not available in train. I hope with this will certainly bring a new evolution in car industry.

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9 April 2013

If cars happen to provide a better transportation mode then there is no point in wasting time and money on something that is harmful for the environment. Cars sometimes does come in handy during travel, especially when you are on a tour of wildlife parks, besides cars you should also have guide to parks.

27 May 2013

It will


15 June 2013

It is really great to know that cars are going to be more cleaner and it would be better for the environment. In fact we should consider having eco friendly architecture as well.


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