The Vühl 05 has been revealed ahead of its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

These are the first pictures of the Vühl 05, from new Mexican sports car maker Vühl. The car will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next weekend.

The Vühl 05 uses a 2.0-litre Ford Ecoboost engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, also from Ford, to drive the rear wheels. The transversely mounted engine sits amidships and develops 285bhp and 310lb ft. Its makers say the car is capable of sprinting from 0-62mph in 3.7sec and can power on to a top speed of 152mph.

It's makers say it is positioned between an Ariel Atom and Lotus Elise in its track focus. A price tag of £59,900, rising to £69,900 for a special launch model, the Edition One, means means it will also compete with the Lotus Exige S, Radical SR3 and the road-biased Porche Boxster S.

The Vühl 05 uses a bonded aluminium monocoque that features honeycomb panels and aluminium extrusions. The chassis is cloaked in reinforced plastic panels which, like the deformable crash box in the nose, are designed to be quickly removed.

Vühl claims the chassis offers three times the torsional rigidity of an Elise, which allows the 05 to have more compliance in its suspension. That, in turn, is claimed to deliver on the promise of a track car that’s useable on the road.

The styling has been led by Vühl’s Iker Echeverría and the Turin-based Esiete, which counts Lamborghini and Pininfarina as clients, and the car is packed with fine detailing. "Our customers like motorsport, said Echeverría. "But even though they don’t have a race car, they know what a kill switch and a towing tag are for.”

There are no doors to access the race car-minimalist interior, something which Echeverría says contributes to a “race car feel in a car you could use on the road every weekend”.

Vühl has the capacity to build 50 cars a year at its factory in Mexico City. It says the UK will be its core market initially due to the popularity of track cars. Vühl is currently in advanced negotiations to establish a distributor in the UK but is undecided whether the distributor will sell Vühl exclusively or alongside other sports cars.

The company was founded by Alberto Chapa and brothers Guillermo and Iker Echeverría. Vühl is an acronym derived from "vehicles of light weight and high performance". The model 05 is named after the number Guillermo and Iker's father used throughout his racing career.

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