Bernie Ecclestone is prepared to axe some of Formula One’s traditional European venues in favour of races in New York and Moscow.

Ecclestone aims to have an annual race on the streets of Manhattan from 2013; three locations have already been identified to stage the race. Ecclestone told Bloomberg that a race in Russia would enter the calendar a year earlier in 2012.

Moscow is currently tipped to stage the Russian grand prix, although Sochi, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, is also being considered.

In order to accommodate these races, Ecclestone will take races away from some European venues, such as Spain, without “too much problem”.

“We’re going to lose some races for sure, there are some races we can afford to lose without too much problem,” Ecclestone said. “I’ve spoken to the countries to see what we can come up with.”

Spain currently holds two grand prix: the Spanish grand prix at Barcelona and the European grand prix in Valencia. One of these venues is almost certain to make way for one of the new races.

F1 will visit 19 circuits in 2010 and will make its first trip to South Korea later this year. India is also expected to host its first race in 2011, which would bring the total number of races to 20. Ecclestone has previously said the sport can accommodate 20 races, although he’d be reluctant to go higher than this.

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