The luxurious new Citroen DS9 concept has been spied completely undisguised ahead of its expected debut at next month’s Beijing motor show.

The new model was caught while on a promotional shoot on the famous Place de la Concorde in Paris, one of the most photographed locations in the world.

Inspired by the Metropolis concept from the Shanghai world expo in 2010, the new DS9 will be the flagship model for Citroen’s expanded DS line-up.

Citroen boss Frederic Banzet confirmed to Autocar at the Geneva motor show earlier this month that 2012 would mark the “internationalisation” of the DS brand. To that end, the firm was planning to launch three new DS models created initially for China alongside a worldwide rollout of its existing DS3, DS4, and DS5.

The DS9 will be the first of these three new DS models to reach production, tipped by insiders to be by the end of 2013. The DS6 name has previously been floated for this flagship, but the concept features a ‘9’ in its rear numberplate. Giving it the DS9 badge also allows Citroen plenty of breathing space between the DS5 and DS9 to launch other DS models.

The Beijing car is a concept, so it’s expected to lose the dramatic wheels and wing mirrors for production. But Citroen’s current DS production cars have stayed true to their concepts, so the basic silhouette of the DS9 is expected to be carried over for production.

As well as drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Metropolis concept, the big Citroen also bears resemblance to Peugeot HX1 concept from last year’s Frankfurt motor show.

The HX1 sported a pair of novel rear ‘scissor’ doors, which opened upwards. It’s possible the DS9 concept could adopt these, but their chances of making production would be slim due to the engineering costs.

It’s also possible the DS9 could adopt the six-seater HX1’s three rows of seats, given how much of a premium rear cabin space is put on cars for Chinese buyers.

The DS9 is likely to be sold outside China, but a UK launch would initially appear doubtful given the lack of success recent big Citroens have endured. “They could end up elsewhere as we have a worldwide ambition with DS,” Banzet confirmed.

The other new Citroen DS models for China will be a C-segment saloon and a new SUV.