From £35,2058

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class comes with fine engines and a typically laid-back dynamic character. Not one for the interested driver, but a good advert for being disinterested.

Namesort icon 0-62mph Top speed CO2 MPG Price
E200d AMG Line 4dr Auto 8.40secs 139mph 112g/km 72.40mpg £37 505
E200d AMG Line 5dr Auto 8.70secs 135mph 120g/km 67.30mpg £39 720
E200d SE 4dr Auto 8.40secs 139mph 102g/km 72.40mpg £35 205
E200d SE 5dr Auto 8.70secs 135mph 109g/km 67.30mpg £37 205
E220d AMG Line 4dr Auto 7.30secs 149mph 112g/km 72.40mpg £39 215
E220d AMG Line 4Matic 4dr Auto 7.50secs 149mph 129g/km 62.80mpg £40 815
E220d AMG Line 4Matic 5dr Auto 7.80secs 145mph 137g/km 57.70mpg £42 855
E220d AMG Line 5dr Auto 7.70secs 146mph 120g/km 67.30mpg £41 215
E220d SE 4dr Auto 7.30secs 149mph 102g/km 72.40mpg £36 700
E220d SE 4Matic 4dr Auto 7.50secs 149mph 117g/km 62.80mpg £38 320
E220d SE 4Matic 5dr Auto 7.80secs 145mph 126g/km 57.70mpg £40 320
E220d SE 5dr Auto 7.70secs 146mph 109g/km 67.30mpg £38 700
E350d All Terrain Edition 4Matic 5dr Auto 6.20secs 155mph 179g/km 41.50mpg £58 880
E350d AMG Line 4dr Auto 5.90secs 155mph 153g/km 48.70mpg £47 355
E350d AMG Line 4Matic 4dr Auto 5.90secs 155mph 167g/km 44.80mpg £48 955
E350d AMG Line 4Matic 5dr Auto 6.00secs 155mph 174g/km 42.80mpg £51 255
E350d AMG Line 5dr Auto 6.00secs 155mph 162g/km 46.30mpg £49 355
E350e AMG Line 4dr Auto 6.20secs 155mph 57g/km 134.50mpg £48 065
E350e SE 4dr Auto 6.20secs 155mph 49g/km 134.50mpg £45 555