• The New RS4 exhibits handsome angular styling
  • Rear diffuser and matt-aluminium detailings keep the design sporty and smart
  • Xenon Plus headlights are standard on all RS4s with clasp-shaped daytime running LED lights
  • These 20-in alloys are part of the Sports Package.
  • Rear wheel arches are flared and resemble the original Quattro's
  • The RS4 is excellently equipped, but does have some expensive options
  • The cabin has a high-quality feel, plus a superb set of sculpted sports seats
  • Rear legroom is respectable for the class and the seats are more sculpted than other, less exciting A4s
  • The RS4 Avant has a boot capacity of 490 litres, or 1430 litres with the seats folded down.
  • Despite weighing 1880kg, the RS4 instills driver-confidence
  • Carbon-ceramic brakes resist fade astoundingly well
  • The RS4's 444bhp V8 engine is powerful enough to sort out any understeer
  • Audi's Driver Select system was fine on the track, but a softer setting offers the best compromise for road use
  • Revisions of weight distribution make the new RS4 pointier
  • The RS4 gets better the faster you go and it's one of our favourite fast estates

Nestling oneself into the RS4’s cabin is a pretty pleasing experience. The front seats are heavily bolstered but comfortable with it, and the cockpit ambience is a welcomingly purposeful one.

Materials and fit and finish endow the Audi RS4 with a high level of perceived quality, on top of which come the usual whistles and bells that accompany a high-performance derivative, including a stop-start button, carbon-effect trim and metallic highlights to the pedals. It feels like a place to do business.

Matt Prior

Road test editor
With lots of adjustability, most drivers should be able to get comfortable

Because the RS4 is dual-clutch-only, it doesn’t seem to suffer from the offset pedals that blight manual A4s, so finding a comfortable driving position is easy. A large degree of reach and rake adjustment to the wheel means you can sit yourself down low and pull the wheel in close in the best racing style.

But coupled to all that is the kind of practicality you’d hope for from the car you might sling your gear into when your Cayman isn’t quite big enough for the job. Those large front seats make little difference to rear seat accommodation, while the boot is just as good as that in other A4 Avants.

In other words, there’s no compromise asked by having the additional RS mechanicals beneath the floor.

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