Test mule spied near firm's Norfolk base was evaluating the Evora's V6 engine
4 June 2010

Lotus is working on a fresh revisions to the Elise and Exige — and they could include a V6 powerplant, judging by the exhaust note of this test hack spied close to the firm’s Norfolk base.

This Exige has widened wheel arches and increased cooling. Our spies reported that its engine sounded the same as those of nearby Evoras, suggesting that it has six cylinders.

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The Evora’s Toyota-sourced V6 powerplant would add bulk to the Exige, potentially raising its weight beyond the 1000kg level. But it would also offer more power and torque than the car’s current four-cylinder powerplant. Even the hardcore Exige S has 257bhp and 174lb ft; in the Evora the V6 produces 276bhp and 258lb ft.

The Exige V6 was first mooted late last autumn, but management changes at Lotus are said to have put the project on hold until a fresh, more comprehensive business plan for the model could be compiled. The fact that this car has been seen in the last fortnight appear to indicate that development has now been signed off.

This test car also shows that Lotus is considering chassis tweaks to the Exige; the wheelarches have allowed a modest increase in track, and the rear wheels appear to be sitting slightly further back in the chassis, suggesting a longer wheelbase.

John McIlroy

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1 June 2010

That rear wing looks lost on such a wide car.

1 June 2010

I hope it's a more powerful engine than what's in the Evora. You get the feeling that the Evora just isn't powerful enough and that if it's in the Exige it must be that bit more special.

But I also hope that Lotus brings out a truely new car and not yet another derivative of the Elise! Elise is good, excellent even, but even it's latest version is slower! Almost gives the impression that Lotus have lost their way.

When I was growning up I had pictures of Esprits on my wall. It was the supercar that I wanted to own.

1 June 2010

there is no need for it to be more powerful, 276bhp and 258lbft, thats a very large amount for a lightweight exige, the evora wasnt that lightweight.

1 June 2010

A step in the wrong direction: While everyone is trying to reduce emissions and improve mileage, the one sports car manufacturer that had the lead in this downsizing trend decides to take the opposite approach!

I'd much rather see a direct-injection, low-friction, start-stop, double-clutch-box next-gen Elise/Exige in the works. A turbo 2.0 can outperform the lame Toyota V6 and follow in the less-is-more philsophy that makes Lotus such a standout.

Oh, and please, Lotus, fine-tune your intake and exhaust resonances to make those engines sound good (their only weakness in my view).

1 June 2010

Toyota have had their day, unless they suddenly release a whole new series of engines.

1 June 2010

I don't think the toyota V6 is the right choice, the engine and the gearbox are not the best things in the Evora, that is a great car indeed.

Any supercharged Exige is not slow anyway...

1 June 2010

[quote beachland2]Toyota have had their day[/quote]

It does seem that Lotus have put an old lumbering V6 in to the Evora. Even the standard Elise should have the 190 engine from the Celica, and that's quite a few years old as it is.

Forgive me for wishing sports cars to be sporty. If you want an eco-nutter-automobile then buy a Prius.

1 June 2010

Exige=hardcore,Elise= would be sportscar enthusiast?

Peter Cavellini.

1 June 2010

They should do an entry level Exige, as i like to have a roof over me. but entry level needs to be at least minimum a 1.2 superturbo with 134bhp. the power/torque band would be awesome compared to the 134bhp na 1.6 engine.

1 June 2010

Couldn't possibly be a development mule for something else could it?


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