Subtle styling changes and a round of engine upgrades for C5 saloon and estate models

Citroen has revealed this upgraded C5, sporting subtle styling changes, new equipment options and a refreshed engine range.

Both saloon and estate models benefit from the upgrades which include new LED lights at the front and new glass for the rear light clusters.

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All C5 Exclusive models will get as standard Citroen’s eTouch emergency and assistance system, which allows a driver to make emergency calls using the car’s in-built SIM card.

The most significant changes, however, are to the engine line-up. All of the C5’s engines have been made EuroV compliant; this has lead to the addition of a new 108bhp 1.6 HDi unit to replace the outgoing EuroIV version.

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The 153bhp 1.6i THP and 237bhp 3.0HDi V6 engines have been be re-homolgated. This means economy increases from 39.8mpg to 42.2mpg and 38.2mpg to 39.2mpg respectively. CO2 emissions also drop 14g/km and 6g/km respectively, too.

The new C5 will go on sale in the UK from Monday, priced from £19,195 for the entry-level 1.6HDi saloon.

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Citroën C5
In a market where there are so many safe options, the C5 stands out

The spacious, comfortable Citroen C5 makes an interesting and off-beat Mondeo rival

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26 October 2010

Its still a good looking car, and no doubt useful improvements. But...

I know its never going to be the biggest seller but its a shame they only offer the petrol engine in one state of tune, and one trim level, and for the saloon only. Particularly as you cant have petrol and Hydropneumatic suspension on the same car - surely one of the best reasons to have a citroen.

26 October 2010

We hired one once just after they came out in France. I was really impressed with the improvement in build quality and the whole experience was very favourable indeed, relaxed ride, excellent economy and pretty roomy.

So impressed was my co driver that he very nearly broke the habit of a lifetime by replacing his Mundano with the C5.

The only thing that stopped him was the advice from friends who said he would suffer nothing but trouble and ridicule if he did go for the Cit, one even said he would refuse a lift in it!

Still have a hankering for a C6 myself.

26 October 2010

[quote Bogwoppit]

The only thing that stopped him was the advice from friends who said he would suffer nothing but trouble and ridicule if he did go for the Cit, one even said he would refuse a lift in it!


LOL! I wonder if he and his friends know that the Mondeo shares many of its engines with the C5??

26 October 2010

Somebody who owns a Mundano refusing to buy a C5 because of image and quality...????? Pot Kettle Black springs to mind.

26 October 2010

Sad they've missed the opportunity to give them all proper Citroen hydropneumatic suspension. With the Peugeot 508 coming they've got the boingy spring car market sewn up, so Citroen doesn't need it.

26 October 2010

[quote Bogwoppit]one even said he would refuse a lift in it![/quote]

I'd let the prat walk

26 October 2010

[quote Chris576]

I'd let the prat walk


I think most people would walk ha ha

26 October 2010

I rather like the C5. I've seen a fair few on the roads. actually, seen one parked next to a new Audi A4, and it looked a hell of a lot better than the Audi.

27 October 2010

I prefer it to the A4 as well.

Friend got a 2.2 Titanium Mundano in the end and so far so good but still has a soft spot for the C5.

Same set of 'friends' were equally scathing when I announced I was chopping my beloved 156 GTA for a Yeti.

I did however ignore them, and it finally arrives on Friday.

27 October 2010

I reckon changing a 156 gta for a yeti (not unless the 156 was crippling me to run) is on a whole other level from changing a mondeo to a c5 (which I would, every day of the week, no questions asked - have you seen the mondeos' interior....bleugh) but each to their own!


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