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Cheap and clean to run, but you're paying a premium for little more than moral high ground

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Seat's third-generation Leon is attractive and capable, but it can't quite match the best this class can offer

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31 January 2008

  • It costs £1000 more than a regular Leon
  • Will cost Company Car drivers more in tax
  • Does not qualify for exemption within Central London
  • And it struggles with corners

What is the point, apart from a slight feeling of smugness at saving the planet.

And you can bet the VW Golf Bluemotion will share all these characteristics.

31 January 2008

Where does the extra £1000 go?

Ah! That'll be the Volkswagen group's pocket.

How very satisfying.

Where has all Japanese design went to?

31 January 2008

This year's "green" motors are a good sign but there must be a better way. Save weight is good, BMW's engine shut down sounds good if it works, economical gearing could I am sure be made good to drive smoothly, but going back to poor cornering - no way.

Can't help thinking that we are hitting the target but missing the point as we sometimes say in the public services. The game is scoring points in the way authorities measure stuff like CO2 not the real comparisons you might get from quality comparo road tests. Could you evolve a good standard measure of real green credentials ?

1 February 2008

Don't you think the green issue is being overplayed? If it was not for the fact that the automotive industry is an easy target, the yogurt knitting environmentalists would have to go after companies not in the public eye so much.

Real culprits like, coal fired power stations, national grid (powered by coal fired power stations), shipping companies etc.but they would have less impact than the car industry.

Just getting a bit sick of all this.

Where is the real proof for global warming? in fact, where did the large whole in the ozone go?

Do us all a favour and get back onto real issues like immigration, nhs, gun crime, proper policing etc.

3 February 2008

[quote Zeddy]

Where does the extra £1000 go?

Ah! That'll be the Volkswagen group's pocket.


Damn right! Since when have steel wheels become a more expensive option than alloys!!



It's all about the twisties........

3 February 2008

How many people around the world are going to have to buy these types of cars to make even the slightest difference to the environment. Millions i reckon, and over a good many years. All these cars are, are marketing tools for the motor industry, and the more we buy into it the happier and richer they become.

3 February 2008

As Kermit the frog says:

"It's not easy being green"

Where has all Japanese design went to?

12 September 2008

I bought a Leon Ecomotive.

Now having completed over 3000 miles I am horrified at the really poor fuel efficiency this car returns. I have averaged 44.3mpg. The garage says the car is fine, tests out OK. They say teh mpg quoted by the manuf do not reflect nowmal driving. I say I have been ripped off. I note that Autocar got 60mpg - must have been a fluke! I get better fuel consumption in my 11yr old petrol Renault Megane. Anybody any ideas how I go about solving this, the garage say 'sue us' it was not mis sold...:)

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