Video: Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne tested on-road

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Review 22 February 2013

The all-new Range Rover is an epic machine. But is it better than the sportscar-on-steriods Porsche Cayenne. Steve Sutcliffe takes to the road to find out.

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Just saw a new Range Rover

1 year 38 weeks ago

Just saw a new Range Rover about 10 minutes ago on the roads here in New York.  First time I've seen it in the flesh, its lovely.  Those daytime running LED lamps in the front are definintely eye catching.

He said that they got the body control right on the Rover, but I must say: when he was pushing it through some of those corners it looked like it was about to roll over.  Not so sure about the body control thing.  The Porsche is far more planted through the twisty stuff.  I guess thats the tradeoff for extreme luxury though.

come on

1 year 38 weeks ago

shouldnt the supercharged RR be compared to the cayenne turbo?, why didnt you guys used a cayenne diesel s instead. Even if you wanted to be bias can you not alteast make a proper review?

Define What You Want

1 year 38 weeks ago

Steve said that "...if you want to compare them (as SUV's), it's got to be the Range Rover".  I rarely disagree with him, but what he should have concluded is this, IMHO: "If you want to compare them, then you need to define clearly what you want.  Do you want a leisurely, refined, elegant ride?  Then get the RR.  Do you want a sporty, crisp-steering, great-cornering ride with road-noise input? Then get the Cayenne.  So, Steve was right in an earlier comment in which he felt these were really not competitors, and with that I agree. Their market segments differ considerably.


Horses for courses

1 year 38 weeks ago

Based on this review, the RR is the better car for 95% of journeys, which was my preconception.  For the 5% when you just want to entertain yourself by throwing the car down the road, you don't want to do that with the children and the dog in the back, plus you are very well off and can afford another car better suited to the purpose.  To make a two ton car go, stop and turn like the Cayenne is a great feat of engineering but, to quote the French general, C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas le sportscar.


Blah blah blah

1 year 38 weeks ago

Yeah I agree Mr Sutcliffe.  They aren't rivals at all, just an excuse for a test drive video I think.  And the Range Rover winning.... that was a surprise.... not!

Chalk and Cheese

1 year 38 weeks ago

Taking a diesel car from the Large SUV category and comparing it to a petrol car in the Sports SUV category is like comparing a Mondeo with an Elise?  I was considering changing my V6 Diesel Cayenne for a bottom of the range V6 Diesel Range Rover (Sport)  and this Autocar comparison has not helped me at all.  

I haven't even watched the

1 year 38 weeks ago

I haven't even watched the video, because I know exactly which car will win. Would Autocar say that the Range Rover was inferior to one of its rivals? Hmm...

It just shows the sheer

1 year 38 weeks ago

It just shows the sheer arrogance of JLR that they think they can compete with the finest engineers in the world and even charge a similar amount for their shoddy cars. The 0-62 times are 6.9 seconds and 4.7 seconds respectively and Autocar still claims the Range Rover is the better car!

Impossible to compare Turbo Cayenne with Top spec Range Rover

1 year 38 weeks ago

Better comparison - but still inappropriate:-

Range Rover Autobiography - SDV8 4.4 Litre  - From £87,895

Porsche Cayenne S Diesel - 4.2 litre - From £58 ,243

If the same Tyre specification (Profile) is used on both vehicles, then this comparison makes a little bit more sense, in terms of ride comparison.  The Porsche can be fitted with ultra low "35" profile tyres to more comfortable "55" profile. No mention was made regarding the boots fitted to each of the vehicles in this comparison.

BUt one vehicle falls into the market segment of Sports SUVs and the other is a contender in the luxury Limousine segment.

In terms of similarity of specification - Both have diesel V8s of 4.2 to 4.4 Litres

Chalk & Cheese market segments but a 30k price advantage to this Porsche that conclusively blows away the Range Rover on performance.

Given that the RR is no longer a farmer's tool, the serious 4x4 capability seems almost irrelevant (for a limousine)

Advantage Porsche by £29,600

No one in their right mind will select a Range Rover as a off road workhorse, nor would a prospective Cayenne owner.

Here we have 2 competent SUVs, and on the road the Porsche has the superior driver dynamics.

I would always buy a Long wheelbase Mercedes 'S' Class ahead of a Range Rover that still has to prove its reliability.  I have driven many examples of the Range Rover in the last 40 yrs, as well as most of its competitors.  For me, the Range Rover reliability remains unproven - from many years of quality issues.  

Malo Mori Quam Foedari


1 year 38 weeks ago

With all due respect these cars are not comparable. One is a sport focused four wheeel drive in the tradition of the BMW X5, the other is an aspiring luxury car on stilts.

It would be nice for once to see some objective commentary from Autocar. If you were reviewing a £20,000 MPV you would be criticising any shortcomings in handling and yet you fail to make any mention of such failures in the new Range Rover.

At 2 minutes 22 seconds the reviewer completely loses control of the rear of the car at modest speed over terrain that is not particularly challenging. Hardly consistent with his unqualified praise of the car's handling throughout. The car's reaction is not just suggestive of a lack of dynamic poise, but also that the car is inherently unstable and thefore dangerous in the hands of those who do not profess to be professional road testers.

Given that this car costs £94,000 in its diesel guise I assume that it also has the benefit of Landrover's anti roll suspension. If this is the best that Range Rover can do, prospective purchasers might do well for just £6,000 more to split their budget and buy an S-Class and an X5, or simply pick a £94,000 SUV or a luxury car. I certainly wouldn't pick this 'jack of all trades, master of none.'

One can only assume that at £94,000 the majority of Range Rover's budget is spent not on development or quality control but on sweetening sycophantic reviewers to make false comparisons with Bentleys and better engineered SUVs. Free holiday to Morocco anyone or perhaps a year's supply of Tetley tea bags (courtesy of TATA)? 





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