Feature4 January 2013

The new Maserati Quattroporte is big news for the Italian marque. The car is kick-starting the firm's ambitions to increase sales ten-fold, so the stakes have never been higher. Steve Sutcliffe pitches it against our favourite luxury car, the Jaguar XJ to see which is best.

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5 January 2013

Yep, same old Maser,great if your driving it,but only average if your not,and, just because at one time in the dim and distant past they were top dog in motor racing,doesn't mean you can expect punters to pay top dollar for a car just because of it's History,like Steve said, for £15K less, the Jag is a better car.

Peter Cavellini.

5 January 2013

Didn't read all the other comments on here to see what the consensus is on these two.  But I know my position: I'll take the Jaguar all day long.  It looks better, inside and out, it rides better, and I'd rather have a supercharged V8 than a turbo charged.

5 January 2013

even with a turbo, maserati make their engines sound fantastic. Unless you are an old fart we all know what car you would choose


they came, they saw, they lolled

5 January 2013

Yawn... typical Autocar review, there's a new car to test and the outcome is "the Jag is better". Who cares about that ugly minicab? These two cars have nothing in common. A Maserati buyer would compare his car with a Panamera, or a S Klasse AMG, or a BMW 6 Grancoupé. Never with an old ugly Jag for my granny. We wanted to know more about the new Quattroporte, but Sutcliffe spent the last minute of the video praising the Jaguar. Who cares? Why Autocar benchmarks (like the appalling Mondeo) are always so meaningless? 

5 January 2013

I agree. Autocar seem to like JLR a bit too much to be taken seriously.

12 January 2013



5 January 2013

Not in the same class, but still a 4-door, the CTS-V will do 198 and get around the 'ring faster than any 4-door, I think.

5 January 2013

It was a bit odd that the new Quattroporte's review turned into a bit of a Jag XJ praise fest (very unexpected, that), but if the Maser's ride really is as firm as Sutcliffe finds then they'll need to address this. Yes, the Quattroporte is meant to be a driver's car, a supersaloon and all that, but it's also playing at the luxury saloon end of the market, where smooth ride quality is a bit critical.

All of which brings up another odd issue, and that is while it might not be as firm as Quattroporte's, XJ's ride quality isn't particularly great either, in fact reviews elsewhere have found this to be an XJ weakness. So, it was bit odd that Sutcliffe went on about this, unless of course XJ's ride has been improved considerably in the recent revisions of the car.

6 January 2013

Overdrive wrote:

 So, it was bit odd that Sutcliffe went on about this, unless of course XJ's ride has been improved considerably in the recent revisions of the car.

it has: ride quality was headline news from the recent XJ facelift. Not that it was poor, just the wrong side of firm on non-sport models.

Also has anyone bleating the conclusion actually driven a Jag? If so they might appreciate what Sutcliffe is talking about.

12 January 2013

I think it depends what sort of ride you want.  My experience with Jags is that they absorb every bump and are very quiet on the road.  I prefer the feel and feedback from a sportier car, like the Maserati.  Each to their own.


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